Here is the physical evidence
Size and spout comparison
Color comparison, not seen by the "experts" before expressing their opinion. >
The Opinions
Each "expert" had one shot.
#1 - "I got a picture of this teapot from Harvey Duke. Harvey found one, but it was never confirmed as Shawnee. If Harvey and Pam couldn't confirm it, I would say no. With the lines being more square it is non-typical of Shawnee, except for the Cottage teapot. I would lean more toward old Franciscan or California which is often mistaken for Shawnee and also marked USA."
#2 - "The easiest Shawnee to verify are those with model numbers. And no one has come up with a 770 (or whatever the number is) item. Also Shawnee never --almost never?-- made just one of anything. So if the teapot were Shawnee, one would expect other colors and sizes. Again, nothing (as far as I know). but I could be wrong!"
#3 - "On the teapot, no - just a guess. Picture not the same as having in hand to feel and examine"
#4 - "How's the color on the teapot? If it's a match to the Valencia yellow, I see no reason to think it is not Shawnee. I think I saw that teapot a few years ago and felt it was Shawnee. It's strange to have something so close to Valencia, but different, but the tab finial, the dry foot, the indentation ring along the bottom ring and the mark all point to Shawnee. Color match would be the deciding factor for me."

#5 - "I have had this teapot a couple of times and feel sure it is Shawnee. It reminds you of a child's teapot or an individual piece. I have only found it in the yellow color. I sold it as Shawnee both times. It has the weight, the color, and the mark of Shawnee."
#6 - "I think I've seen this teapot in yellow, 6 or 8 years ago, with matching sugar & creamer. I felt it was Shawnee, but didn't buy it because of an unreasonable price. I lean toward it being Shawnee.
Compliments of Dan & Judy Collins
I'll give Dan the last word - "The color is the same (as Valencia), right down to the lightness on the edge of the swirls. Although I wouldn't think it was made for that pattern, as the pattern does not end with a curved edge, but a straight one. We also collect many different California colored dishes and it is not right for California, color, clay color, marking, feel. Franciscan???, NO. We collect some Homer Laughlin and it doesn't fit it either."
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  Below is the original discussion of about 3 years ago -
  Life just ain't simple - I thought I could call this a mystery solved, it appears not. The Valencia thought doesn't fit just right with the gray. The "S" in the mark is very Brush like. I'll deal with this more in the next Newsletter.
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