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The Rosette Teapot seemed "cut and dry" until I found this one. As you can see it is smaller than the normal one beside it. Also the pottery is a little thinner. The mark is U.S.A. The flower decoration is under the glaze. The color isn't a normal Shawnee color either, to the best of my knowledge. If you have any helpful information, please Email me .
For lack of a better description, I call these Fiesta style. They are heavier and of softer detail than Fiesta. I really lean toward these being of Shawnee manufacture. If you believe differently, let me know .
This 10" vase is marked USA. The swirls around the top remind you of the After Dinner Coffee Pot. The color says Shawnee also.
At one time this tumbler was in question as to manufacturer. Now it's easy.
This Snowman Bank has some characteristics of early shawnee pieces. The cold painted lamps come to mind with the piece in hand. The panel of "Experts" comments are included. If you have thoughts on this bank, please email me
I'm aware of two of these ashtrays, both the same color. Can anyone identify the maker of this one ?
This headvase was featured in an issue of Sharing Shawnee. If you have any idea of  the origin of this piece, let us know .
Here is a mystery dog planter. I'm unsure of the size, approximately 12 - 14" long.
Check this little lady out. It kinda hard not to call her Shawnee. Tell me what you think.
Does anyone know where these came from ?
Muggsy's brother ?
Mystery Dog 1
Muggsy's cousin ?
Mystery Dog 2
Here is  little teapot to ponder.
The                      Clown
Update Sept 5, 2007
Updated Jan 12, 2008
Here is a problem planter
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