This pink Snowflake creamer is an experimental piece. It is larger than a standard creamer and pink sure isn't a standard Snowflake color. Notice the different shape of the handle. If you have another pink piece of Snowflake I'd sure like to see it. Email me
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This piece is interesting because it isn't a production pattern. Tim Joseph found this piece in Ohio. It is 3" tall at the highest point. The top is uneven, sloping to 2 3/4" at the lowest point. It is 7 1/2" from the tip of the handle to the opposite side. On the bottom above the Shawnee logo are the numbers 11 over 11 over A1. If you have knowledge of other pices like this or what function this was designed to serve,  Let me know  .
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This vase has a brownish test glaze randomly applied. Test ID numbers are on the bottom.
Here's a neat little variation.