Shawnee only
The fine print: To list an item you are searching for, email me with a detailed description of the piece. Not just planters or Lobsterware. In some cases it would be handy to include the Shawnee collector book it is shown in, along with the page number and where it is on the page. I have no desire to be the middle man, soyour email address will be included with the listing. When you have found or are no longer looking for an item, Please let me know so I can remove it from the list. 
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Cookie jar base for a blue bandana Smiley head    Hoffman9@tampabay.rr.com
Lid for White Corn Teapot      hcandbc@yahoo.com
Chef pepper shaker - plain   lcbisbee@adelphia.net
Base for Winnie with peach collar    lcbisbee@adelphia.net
Tom the Piper's Son  Airbrushed with matte colors.....prefer mint    cbradgo@hotmail.com
Lid for small Corn King teapot   kparrish@consolidated.net
Clover Bud Winnie cookie jar jwest50@charter.net
Lid for Jo Jo the Clown cookie jar  caseyandroxi@comcast.net
Lid for White w/red ears Elephant  teapot   kalla007@netzero.net
Mint Puss n Boots cookie jar   garyjudy7365@sbcglobal.net
Lid for a Cloverbud Teapot  Oleeolady@aol.com
Shawnee Pottery Dealer Sign dated 1992 with green border and lettering, mint cond. Stephenpopowich@aol.com
Unusual Smiley & Winnie cookie jars, mint. No re-productions.  Also Winnie butterscotch cookie jar/bank with gold.  wbulger@comcast.net
Valencia Ball Jugs, orange and blue, mint    nltf@pacbell.net
Corn King, especially 10" plates & mugs   ltwiggs@aol.com
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Deer Figurine (page 237 Curran) Plain, GT and/or decals    jtbabcock@optonline.net
Lid for Corn King cookie jar    jneeley@cafes.net
Lid for Corn King sugar bowl     meramey1@msn.com
Lid for small Corn King Teapot     OB1SHILOH@aol.com
Head for plain Muggsy cookie jar     Oleeolady@aol.com
Lid for Jo Jo Clown Cookie Jar, prefer mint    complete_auto@insightbb.com
Lid for Corn King cookie jar    tignorcw@troophelper.com  
Cottage teapot    jennychmielewski@yahoo.com
Owl  Cookie Jar base    debbiezager@comcast.net
Lid for Corn Queen Sugar Bowl    saraphoenix.usmc@gmail.com
Lid for plain white Tom Teapot     schmidlin@windstream.net
Poppy Smiley cookie jar   geis@hawaii.rr.com
Base for a blue Winnie cookie jar    mikejayne@charter.net
Lid for Airbrushed blue & red Tom teapot    rlschutt69@yahoo.com
Bottom for a chrysanthemum Smiley cookie jar      jwest50@charter.net
Bottom for a gold-trimmed cloverbud Winne cookie jar    jwest50@charter.net
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Lid for PA Dutch grease jar or will sell bottom   tbenefield1@austin.rr.com  
PNB 4 hole shaker like page 119 Curran book or trade a 3 hole. also want set of Green-toed Gold Owls & Gold crop eared Muggsy    hawkeyejake@aol.com
New 9-19-13