This pair of salt and pepper shakers are notable because of the handpainted flowers.
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The Waffle Set is very difficult to find. It speaks for itself.
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Speaking of hard to find, here is another one. Ok, let me guess, you have a dozen of them !  Fine, send me a picture so everyone else can see them.   Email me
I don't think you see a lot of Valencia with decals. Here is the typical southwest decal over a glaze pop.
These Valencia Dancers are set up as a lamp. The cord hole in the back of the base is glazed over. The fixture hole is not, possibly caused by the insertion of the fixture.
To see this teapot with info, click the picture, then go to the bottom of the Teapot page.
You don't see very many of these. Please correct me if I'm wrong.  Click here
Color pictures of this vase are uncommon.
More hard to find Valencia
Just when you think you/ve seen them all.
And, It keeps coming in.
Here is something to ponder
A new piece in my book
"Fresh" from the factory