This and That
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The Tile-Blox (Curran) or Vista-Flex (Mangus) never went into production, although there is a number of them hiding in Zanesville. These are an example of four, of the possibly twelve, colors.
Here is something to ponder.
Snowflake batter bowls in a couple nice colors.
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A couple Flower Frogs with bowls
Interesting hand painted Elephant creamer
YES, he really exists ! 
Check out the hand painted flowers on this bird.
I found this gold trimmed coaster in Ohio, complete with decal. This is the first gold trimmed coaster I've run into.
Here is a planting dish that apparently didn't go into production.
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Terrace Ceramic stage coach bank, found in SE Ohio, compared to the Shawnee stage coach planter.
This Umbrella has a Cameo label attached, but is it ?
Here is something to ponder. What do we know about Great Northern ?
Great Northern
A question of Pie Birds. If you're new at this, remember these birds.
Pie Bird check
PA Dutch beater jug
The real deal.
Stars on jars. Are these jars Shawnee? Take a look.
An ashtray with it's history