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The GT Granny Ann came decorated in many schemes. Displaying many different decals, combinations of colors on the shawls and aprons, painted or gold accent lines, gold filigree, and airbrushed finishes. The airbrushed pieces generally done in a matte finish. There is only one picture below, but clicking on it you will be taken to Granny heaven !  
This is a plain Jane, but you won't find this flower on a teapot shaped like this in the book. It is marked USA . Another sharp eyed find. If you have a teapot with the "wrong" flower, Please email me .
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The Decorative Ribbed teapot is listed as 5" in the Curran book. There appears to be a 7" size also. They show up in the standard colors.
The Horizontal Ribbed teapot is generally found with a pottery lid. This is the only one I know of with a metal lid. If you have another, Let me know .
The Penn. Dutch Style / Boston Shape was made with two spout styles. One with a flare, the other cut off straight. In the Penn Dutch decorated I've only seen the straight cut, except on the 30 oz. round topped. If you have one with the flared spout, let me know .
This Southwest decal was found on a Rosette teapot in dusty rose.
I wasn't real sure where to place this one. It's a teapot, not Valencia. But what about that color! It is Valencia type pottery with the same style bottom. Size, 7 1/2". A rare bird!
These little teapots don't show up in the Shawnee books, but are generally agreed to be Shawnee. Everything is right. The Fern & Flower creamer is for size comparison. The teapots are 3 3/4" tall x 5 1/2 across.
This GT Granny is dressed just a little better than your average Granny. Click the picture below to see why.