The Bull Dog has been included for size comparision
This is a bottom shot of his twin brother. The glaze didn't cover the bottom completely, as was common in some of the older glazes. I feel like I've seen that USA before.  >>
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# 1 - It looks real good. I believe the Curran Newsletter had something like it. Also reminds me of the miniature Sailor Boy. No telling, but the only thing that makes me a little suspicious is that Shawnee didn't really do holiday items.
# 2 - Don't think it is Shawnee. The base rim, for one thing,  is different.
# 3 - I have never thought this snowman was Shawnee, but know several collectors who have seen it or have it and they think it is - definitely a possibility - with cold paint it is likely an earlier item. I have never seen it in person!
Courtesy of Ralph & Kathy Meranto
What do you think ?
# 4 - I had the snowman once and never felt it was Shawnee. I leaned more to American Bisque or American Pottery.The quaility of the pottery just didn't seem like Shawnee.
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