Salt & Pepper Shakers
A set of Fruit shakers marked "sample". If enough sample pieces are sent in I'll start a Sample page.  Submit here
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Everybody knows that large Heart Winnie shakers have red collars, right. Wrong, here are two with blue collars. The blue was applied over the normal red and fired under the glaze.
I guess these shakers fall into a deco type category. They are the same color butterscotch as the caboose of the Train Planter set. Measuring 3 1/2" tall, 4 & 5 holes. If memory serves me correctly, they were pronounced Shawnee in one of Pam Curran's newsletters a few years back.
This PnB shaker with a blue bow is interesting. I've had opinions both ways as to whether it is Shawnee or repro. It is impossible to tell without actually handling them. If you have a set or can enlighten us, I would like the hear from you. email me
Collector response - "I have a gold trimmed set with gold over both blue bows and blue birds. They are Shawnee, no doubt about it" (thank you, ed)
Collector response - "I have seen a blue bow PnB shaker that belongs to a collector in Florida and I'm sure it's shawnee. Also, I saw a pair, one red and one blue, on ebay last year" (thanks, ed)
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These may be around and I just haven't seen them before. I don't recall seeing any of the utility set gold trimmed. I saw these in SW Virginia in late Oct. '02