The Mask planter has been confirmed Shawnee. To the best of my knowledge has only been found in white and gray. If you have a different color, Click here .
The Queenie planter, flat bottomed, was made in a number of shades. Check the bottoms of Queenie and Blackie for a look into their past . < click to see
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Check the color on this basket planter, you won't find it in the books.
An interesting Shoe and Flower planter with GT advertising, decorator's mark on the bottom.
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Blackie planters aren't real hard to get the jist of, black right. Just to keep life interesting, there is also Brownie. Not to mention the variety of the Blackies.
Even the lowly Wheelbarrows got dressed up occasionly.  And others.
Something to ponder !
Keep an eye out for this guy ! Very hard to find. In fact, if you have one, let us know
If you think this Striped Kitten doesn't look just the right color, don't adjust your monitor. It has a paper label on the bottom. I'm guessing the color didn't go into production. If you have seen one in this color, let me know .
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I've had one response so far, turned out to be the same one. So the world waits !
The new guy
Interesting Trio, what do you think ?
A little gold on the Choo Choo.
Clown planter "sample".
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