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How many "wrong" creamers have you picked up, flat bottom, unfamiliar numbers, protruding USA, and  not shaped just right ? I finally picked up, what I consider, the "right one". The pictures tell the story. So far I've only seen it in cobalt.
This pitcher isn't real exciting, but I know of a couple people that collect it as Shawnee. I'm aware of it in three Shawnee colors. This one is 3 7/8" tall, marked USA
While I'm on pitcher shapes, these smooth sided pitchers compare in size and shape to the fern and flower design, as can be seen below. All are marked USA .
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The GT Chanticleer appears in many color schemes. Here is a gold spatter and an airbrushed rendition. The spatter one must have been done at the end of day and the decorator had a little gold left over.
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