The Christmas junkyard - these are not original 1940's Shawnee
Season's Greedings from Ebay
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this is this clown's bottom.
My Ebay thought of the day -

If you assist crooks in cheating people out of their money,  you are, in fact, a crook yourself.
All of these brought to you by the private auction "Friends of Ebay" - fayes_southern_memories, pride_of_dixie, checkmates_loot, grandmas_treasure_trunk, rare_estate_finds, ole_mill_creek, bric_a_brac_baron, and down_in_dixie. A few others selling these jars - bmccray, budsnboo, msd351, and 0612antiques.   
These cookie jars aren't the worst of it - Now there seems to be original pieces showing up with gold trim that was applied "yesterday" in Kentucky. If you buy high end gold trimmed pieces, like the smiley pitchers pictured to the right, gold trim on pieces that weren't normally done, and all gold & all platinum pieces, BEWARE ! This stuff seems to be coming out of Kentucky with regularity. You'll never convince Ebay you've been had, after all, it's just a pitcher. These are real hard to prove !
If you buy on Ebay ,  Read this -
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