by Linda Romberg
May 2012
Shawnee  Tales
  Spring is here and I am loving the season - everything is in bloom and so fragrant. Many people are doing their spring cleaning and having wonderful sales. Was at a sale last weekend that actually had some Shawnee - common items for dealer prices but also saw a Metlox flamingo cookie jar which is highly desirable for Metlox collectors - I have it but my heart skipped a beat seeing it sit at a sale until I saw the price of  $695 - YES SIX HUNDRED NINETY FIVE DOLLARS.  Sellers can be so out of  touch............ This seller had some common planters and I think the lone Dutch boy shaker was $40 - obviously I didn't stick around at his sale.
  Had a nice email from long time collectors with pictures of a pair of really unique salt and pepper. Interesting find. Keep your eyes out for unusual pieces such as these - so much out there that is not  typical decoration. No idea if they are factory painted or if someone  painted over the factory decor - I have heard of people painting over our beloved pottery customizing it or it could have been a lunch time piece, we'll never know for sure.
  "These are a set of shakers we bought for $4.50 several years ago. They are definitely authentic Shawnee as the blue & yellow glazed finish can be seen under the cold paint where the tiny blemishes and flaking are. We have been collecting Shawnee since 1973 and have never run across any Shawnee shakers completely cold painted as these are.
  Now  that we are both retired, we hope to have the time to send you regular unique Shawnee material for your consideration".
  I had friends call this week while I was on my way to an appt. They had seen a Smiley with Hair - the full toupee and wanted to give me a head's up on the jar. What puzzled me is this jar was high on their want list but they had splurged on several jars recently so were letting me know they were
going to pass on it - most of you know I am crazy about the jars with hairs. I couldn't believe their generosity - I tried  to talk them in to it and finally said buy it for me and if YOU REALLY DO NOT  WANT IT THEN I WILL KEEP HIM................... well, common sense prevailed and Hairy is now residing in southern Calif., I'll get to meet him when I go for a visit. When it comes down to it this hobby is not all about the pottery but the friendships that go far beyond. Many of the friendships I treasure began with a piece of pottery yet years have gone by and the pottery isn't even a part of our friendship, it was just the introduction to a long relationship..
  I remember the first Smiley with hair that I heard of being available - called the gal who had it who had traded it to Bob of Bob and Jean's Jar - by the time I phoned him, he had traded the jar to Charlie Snyder of Charlie's Collectibles. It became part of his collection - many of you may remember Charlie - he was a wealth of information and loved all cookie jars. Well, he sent me a picture of his wife holding Smiley and for many years it was posted on my refrigerator to remind me they are out there. We had become fast  friends but when he called me one year not long before Christmas I was stunned  when he said he thought Hairy needed to move from Kansas to Arizona
for the warmer weather. He sold me Smiley for a ridiculous low price - I was so  excited, as much by the gesture as by the jar itself. Memories like this is what collecting is all about. Charlie passed away several years ago and  is sorely missed. I hope many of you have such treasured memories of  people who have come into your lives via this wonderful world of collecting.
Until next month,

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