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by Linda Romberg
April 2012
Shawnee           Tales
  I guess I was too consumed with tax preparation as this month got away from me. For those of you getting a refund  there will probably be some good buys on Ebay to spend it on.
  This past month Ebay featured two terrific jars, one being a yellow bib Smiley with the full toupee of hair, minor damage but a steal at under $700.  Also a Gold Shamrock Smiley with a butterfly on it's head. Neither of these jars surface very often.
  Friends found a beautiful Muggsy jar - not gold but has the black painted fur on the base - really a striking jar - no idea if it was intended to be gold trimmed and missed or what the story is but it is a  pretty jar as well as a nice fit to their collection as Muggsy is a favorite of theirs.
  For newer readers, be on the alert for the variation of the mold on the Muggsy cookie jar feet - here's a picture of the two versions. You may have both in your collection and not even realize it. The green scarf Muggsy is really a hard to find jar - note the wide apart feet. This mold version is less common.
The typical mold is shown below.

  I have to laugh about not knowing what is in our collection as two years ago friends were selling off some of their collection - I was thrilled to buy two gold Bo Peeps I had not seen before - I printed the picture in the newsletter before I even received  them.  Well, the funny thing is one was not the one I ordered - never even noticed it when they arrived as loved both
BUT lo and behold they were selling some more recently - the one that has the peach flowers on the elephant creamer - which I showed pictures of last month. I have been having computer  issues so went through and printed EVERY SINGLE NEWSLETTER FROM THE  ARCHIVES.  Was I ever surprised to see a picture of the very same Bo Peep and only then did I realize I had not gotten her at that time and never even realized it. My cabinet of pitchers was full so they had gone into my family room china cabinet - had a good laugh over that. At least she was still available and did make it into my collection. So many people tell me I have such a good memory for details especially when it comes to Shawnee, well, I sure blew it this time!!
  Here's the picture of the two I received - as you can see, the one on the left does not in any way resemble the peach flower decal - LOL.
  Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Spring - we are 92 in Arizona today - summer will be here before we are ready for it.  Have some collectors who are selling off some of their collections so if interested,  please email me and I will put you in touch.
Until next  month,

Lin                                                Linromb@aol.com
Doug's Corner
  I heard from a collector selling some of their collection. Click the following link for a, I think, partial list.    LIST
  There is another collector that contacted me, but hasn't committed yet. Check back next month.
  I was asked about these Elephant shakers. A real good question. They appear to be vintage shakers having the typical crazing of the time. The bottoms, other than the plastic stoppers look real. The real question is when were they decorated. The auction page is no longer on ebay and I don't remember if the decoration underglaze. The peach colored highlights appear to be a Shawnee color and on spots, such as on the inside the ears, that Shawnee decorated.
The original pictures were larger and showed the crazing well.
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One of the sellers Lin mentioned above has some really hard to find pieces.