Shawnee  Tales
Dec 2011
by Linda Romberg
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  The holidays are upon us - hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with family and friends.     Time to finish up our Christmas shopping - usually this time of year Ebay has some great pieces for those looking for a special pieces for themselves or a partner!
  I think some of you were sleeping this past week as a gold trimmed chanticleer did NOT sell at $69.50.  As many of you know, I have a weakness for them along with the Bo Peeps and Granny Ann's.
  Friends on the antique trail came across one of our animal figurines in a shop - the kind of finds we all love to stumble on - here's a picture of the delightful "cat"  :)

  Another terrific find this past month was a gold trimmed Smiley cookie jar with roses in mint condition - only $130.
  I have to share a wonderful story with you - this is what collecting is all about - sharing this wonderful  pottery and the friendships along the way.
  As I'm sure you are aware, as with many things in life...timing is EVERYTHING!....but then again, being lucky doesn't hurt either!!  I purchased my green coat Winnie in Chicago. I was there for the weekend, and was supposed to go to a Cubs game. The game got rained out, so I ended up going for
lunch with a friend to a greasy spoon, and then walking the streets and seeing the sights. We decided to stop and check out a huge antique mall that our "seasoned" waitress  had told us about.  (She was great...probably about 55 years old, and you could tell she had seen more in her 55 years then most people see in a lifetime) but I digress. Anyway, the mall probably had over 100 dealers in it, so we just decided to start walking. Since the weather was crappy the mall was relatively quiet. Well the 11th  vendor in, I came across a woman who was unpacking boxes. Being the curious Virgo that I am, I stopped to watch and see what she was doing. As we made small talk, I asked her what she was unpacking. She explained that she was a new dealer in the mall, and was unpacking some of her stuff.  I asked her what sort of items she had, and she rattled off a bunch of things and then said...oh, I have a few cookie jars too, but they're still out in the van. I asked her if she knew the makers, and she named
off two or three, but didn't mention Shawnee. So not thinking too much more, I thanked her, and went
on my way. About 30 minutes later there was a voice over the loudspeaker that  said"Would the young  man who was interested in cookie jars, please come back to vendor  11". I thought that was fairly odd, but made a bee-line back to her to see what she wanted. When I arrived, there she stood with Green Coat Winnie in her hands. She looked at me and said....oh, I forgot to mention this "little gem".  
Would you be interested in her?? My mouth literally HIT THE FLOOR!  Not a scratch on her, and in beautiful condition. Unable to catch my breath I just stood there.  ...she said  "Sir,are you ok?" (needless to say, I don't have a poker face) LOL She then told me if I wanted her she would let me have it for $400.00 But all in all, she cost me $450.00 because on the way back to my friends house I made him stop back in at the greasy spoon, and I went in and tipped our former waitress $50.00.  I'm not sure who was happier that for getting the cookie jar, or the waitress for getting an extra 50bucks?? Anyway, now you know the story of me and my green coat Winnie!!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday and some great additions to your collection.

Back next year!!!!!!

Until next month,

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