Shawnee  Tales
Oct  2011
by Linda Romberg
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  This month has been interesting. Finally into Fall so hopefully Ebay will be offering more good pottery - summer was pretty slow overall.  Over the years I have found October through December seems to bring out good offerings for the holidays. Even locally I found the antique malls had some
choice selections this time of year.

  I had an inquiry about Shawnee as to whether they every produced any pottery for Disney.
  "I've  been having an Email discussion with an Ebay seller that insists Shawnee made many Disney items including Dumbo. Have you ever heard this mentioned by anyone?"
My  response 

  "Louise Bauer designed a lot for Disney with her father while designing for Shawnee however to my knowledge nothing was ever produced by Shawnee - some American Bisque, possibly Regal - at an auction in Zanesville ten  years ago there was all sorts of artwork in Louise's auction showing many of her  Disney works. Original drawings were there for the Diaper Pin Pig, some Red Riding Hoods and lots of the Disney characters but none attributable to  Shawnee production. I only made it to the preview".

  As many of you know Louise Bauer was one of the first designers for Shawnee - according to Pam  Curran's  "Shawnee Pottery The Full Encyclopedia" Addis Hull appears to have brought her on as a designer - Louise originally worked with her father in the family owned Bauer Studio in Zanesville.  She was born in 1915. I had the pleasure of meeting her many years ago.  I have been told she later  moved to Hull and designed the Red Riding Hood - it was amazing to see the preview of her art work at the auction in Zanesville in July 2001.  Many long time collectors were there for the event, I had to
leave that morning due to my brother's illness but heard so many wonderful bargains - a lot of pottery as well as one of a kind art drawings. Lots of Disney drawings, the Diaper Pin pig design for Regal.  

  If anyone has any information of any Disney pieces they feel might be Shawnee, we would love to hear about  it.
  Last month there was a terrific Lucky Elephant gold trim cookie jar that has a bee on it's ear!!!! Very rare - I have seen several bugs or flies on the trunk where there is a mold flaw but NEVER a bee - obvious from the pictures it was there to fill in a chip on the ear - has anyone else seen other
variations on the Lucky. Congratulations to the new owner of that wonderful jar.
  So many variations in the decoration - also just sold was a stunning Gold Dutch boy with a fourth patch on  the back side - drew a lot of attention and sold for over $300. Very unusual in that the additional patch had no lines from it - as is typical there is most often a minor pottery blem that the decorators covered up.
  Doug and I were talking about the fact that we haven't seen any of Larry's (Mckoy4U2) junk. We are wondering if maybe someone else is selling for him as it was reported he had a younger man at
Pottery Festival bragging about having things belonging to Larry McKinley for sale - a lot of McCoy people attend the pottery festival each summer and are well aware of the recent gold applications he has done. Still keep an eye out just in case.
  Another friend and I were talking about how it is impossible to throw away any piece of Shawnee, even in poor condition - example, I sent him some pictures and he spotted a mismatched Winnie - a good gold blue Winnie lid on a gold clover bud Winnie base - trust me it is the most pathetic intact
bottom you will ever see - appears to have been through a fire as it is blackened and crazed - twice I put it in the trash then pulled it back out,  just did not have the heart to junk it. The picture does not  capture the brown discoloration all over the base - it really is much worse than shown!!!!!
Until  next month....