Sept  2011
Shawnee  Tales
by Linda Romberg
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  Gold on the precious metals market goes up to all time highs while the gold on Shawnee is hitting all time lows. To the regulars here there is no mystery why - good ole larry mcckoy4u2. I got an email in mid-July asking my thoughts on the all gold Chanticleer pitcher on Ebay. The collector's second concern was the 24 carat gold mark being unlike any illustrated in the collector books. So being the smart guy that I am, I dodged the question and forwarded it to Lin. The edited conversation follows -
Hi Doug, There's a solid gold Chanticleer on ebay item #380362744859 I would like for you to take a look at if you don't mind. Everything looks right to me except the stamp on the bottom, I've never seen a piece of Shawnee marked this way. I would appreciate your input. Thank You
Doug,  I have NEVER seen this stamp - I have the solid gold chanticleer that has the lid and lamp works - I just checked it - it has the standard 24 Kt Le Mieux China circle with the "feather marks on both sides" not sure what it actually is but that describes the mark - same as in Pam's book - page 35 there is a mark that is right hand middle - a platinum mark on a Smiley pitcher that except for the Le Mieux has the same sort of look with letters and no feathering trim.  My guess is it is authentic - I checked my gold splatter chanticleers and they both have the Le Mieux mark like my lamp. Other than Bo Peeps, I have not seen the Le Mieux mark on other pieces - I have no platinum or other all gold pieces to compare.

If it were on my want list, I would buy it - I think there are marks out there we have not seen in any of the books.


To emailer,

i feel (90%) that it's real. i wouldn't "bid the farm it" though.


below is Lin's opinion.

Doug, I also feel it's the real deal, only thing is the other Le Mieux stamps I have found has the words hand decorated at 6:00 on the stamp, this one has hand decorated at 12:00. I know it's possible they could have had another stamp that was rarely used. I've looked at the photos closely and feel it has all the right markings, the only thing that throws me is the stamp, WOW maybe another new marking to keep us about Shawnee for another 70 years! Well maybe in heaven!!! Thank You!

i just checked on the pitcher again, it's a private listing. a bit of a red flag.

I won the pitcher for $152.50. He said he was selling for his uncle who's wife had passed away recently. Said he was unboxing things that had been stored for years. I asked if his uncle's name was Larry, he said no. I got him to email me on ebay, stating if I did not like it for any reason I could return it for a refund. I think it's real, I enlarged the photos and it shows the classic signs of being real. The gold shows all the spider web markings of being wiped down with a rag for years, and it shows two pits on his left side which would have made him a reject as first class stuff. Anyway I can look at him for about $30 shipping both ways, if he is real what a great find, if not, it only cost me $30. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Doug, I just received the Gold Chanticleer today and do believe it's genuine! It has the gold wear in all the right places, the pin holes in the pottery on both sides which would have made it a second, the classic scratches in the gold paint from being wiped down for years, and not so many scratches in the harder to reach places. I think it was probably used for an artificial flower arrangement or something of that nature. It also had dirty spots on the inside, in the hard to reach areas, and probably still does even after me trying to get it out! I pretty much knew it was real before I emailed you, as I had already saved the photos on my computer and enlarged them, and saw all the things I thought I needed to see. Lets just say I don't think I'll be returning him for a refund! I still can't believe I got him for $152.00, maybe everyone else thought he was not real or not many people were watching ebay the week he was on. Thank You for looking at him and giving me your thoughts!!!
  I like the way that turned out. Which reminds me, it turned out the all gold large corn shakers from a month or so ago were also authentic.
  Now what I'd really like to know is whether the "blue washed" Puss-N-Boots creamer that just sold is real. If you are the buyer I'd sure like to hear from you.
  Sometime this summer I was asked if the green-eyed green-toed owl shakers came in gold trim. I  think I have a pair but at the moment are packed, so was unable to send a picture. I knew I had saved a picture of a set from Ebay, but couldn't find it. I finally found the picture, kind of weak, but proof of manufacture.
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Doug's Corner
  Where do the months go?????    So glad summer is winding down as we are setting records in Arizona - almost 35 days straight with our high temps being over 110 - as high as 117 along with humidity and NO RAIN - just major
dust storms!!!!!!

  Had an interesting Smiley water pitcher found this past  month - something I have never heard of nor seen before - attaching pictures of  this nice piece.
  "We got him. He's adorable and hubby says he looks like he belongs in a Barber Shop Quartet. There is some wear on the gold on the handle and a couple of chips in the red paint on his feet. The hair does match the color of his eyebrows. And there is a rough area of pottery under the some of the hair."
Are there any others out there???
  Friends contacted me about a Smiley yellow bib cookie jar they discovered in the Phoenix area - something they already had so they called me - it is a yellow bib with the heavily lacquered rust hooves and feet -  all the yellow bibs in my collection and NONE with the rust hooves - definitely worth picking up as only $20 - Shawnee friends are so special!!!!!
  Same friends found me a gold Lucky elephant cookie jar with a beautiful label - the more I talk to them, the more they help me spend money on pottery!!!!!!  I oohed and aahed over their Lucky with a bug on the trunk .......  I love having you help me spend my money along your Shawnee Trail - thanks so much!!!!
One more email of happy times -
Hello there !!
I was just sending in a couple of pics of a couple of auction finds yesterday!!
Normally our local auctions (small town rural heartland) are filled with "Bottom Readers", dealers or individuals who will take the cost of an item far beyond even book value if they can read a     manufacturer logo or mark on the bottom of a piece.
BUT.....take away a name or logo and one's homework can really pay off !!!
We picked up this green gold trimmed and  decaled "basket" (which matches our smiley and winnie jar and shaker set PEFECTLY!) for $2.00 !!
We picked up the set of miniature pitures and vases.....ALL 8 OF THEM for $4.00 And last but not least the large Gazelle for $2.00 !!!
It was a long day but well worth the wait !!.......

Not a bad day in the heartland.
  Never had any response on Chic Pottery information that I requested from others.

  Readers, we can use your input if you want more variety - same few reporting in so limits our  scope.......
Until next month....

I want to everyone for their participation in this endeavor.