Mar  2011
by Linda Romberg
Shawnee  Tales
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  I am so thankful to be living in Arizona when I listen to the weather reports in the East and Midwest.  I guess all of you  who live there pay the price for those wonderful antique flea markets during the  other three seasons! Everyone will be SO ready for Spring this year.
  Many of you saw the "gold" clover bud Winnie that Larry McKinley  mcckoy4u2  listed - I was heartsick to see that someone paid over $300 for this doctored jar.  He continues to contaminate our beloved  pottery with his antics. I have heard from so many collectors that learned after the fact they had been conned. Sad to say some of these buyers then  perpetuate the situation by selling the pieces to other unsuspecting collector -  this jeopardizes all of our collections as pieces criss-cross the country so any of us could be scammed. BEWARE!!!
  A reader bought a figurine with decals from the same era and commonly found on Shawnee -
  Reader  response:      "My eye tells me Not Shawnee like Yours tells You. But, I had to drop the $ 5.00 to get it in my hands. I am attaching a pic of the bottom of the figurine. When the listing on e-bay first showed up the Seller had it listed as "Shawnee?",,,with the question mark. I went right to researching and for the life of me could find nothing on it. I  have probably 50 old ref. books from pottery company's and could find nothing. I just kept going back to the decals. After 2 days the Seller removed  the Shawnee tag on the listing, like someone had sent him an e-mail swearing it  was not Shawnee. Too late, I was already hooked to find out who used the exact Shawnee decals. $ 5.00 later I was the only bidder.  Probably  everyone else knows it is worthless but to Us it sparked a lot of cool research  and quality time together."

  Years ago in a local mall I found a Shawnee console bowl with matching candle holders, take note - the decals on each candleholder are different yet the decal is the same all over each  candleholder.
  Friends of mine had some great luck this past month - they scored an absolutely beautiful Lucky in  spectacular condition with hand painted flowers.

  Also, they started the month with a  beautiful Smiley!
"He's gorgeous and was in a box for the past 40 years"  The jar belonged to an aunt".
  Another reader sent a note about her collecting history - she is working on a website to display her collection - many nice pieces in many pottery lines - nice way to share - the pieces are NOT for sale but I think you might enjoy viewing the assortment of vintage pottery.

"I've been reading your newsletter and find them interesting. I've been collecting since age15 (I'm 43 now). I figured I'd share with you some of my collection. I haven't added to my collection of shawnee in many years but my interest is returning. Unfortunately, MANY fakes are out there today. Anyway, attached are a set of muggy S&P's I picked up many years ago. I'll add them to my website today along with others I've yet to add.

Oh, my website is:"
  We always appreciate any of our readers/collectors sharing their pottery and stories with us.  I find myself having my interest renewed when others share their finds.  Definitely a buyer's market right now so the time to add pieces to your collections.
Until next month - happy  collecting,

Doug's Corner
  I received an email from a reader that was looking into the depths of his hard drive. He sent a couple pictures of not often seen treasures.
Looks like 1940 to me.
with hardware even.
  I recieved  email from a dealer in South Carolinia reporting a McCoy Zebra planter (valued at a little under $1000) stolen from a showcase in a South Carolinia. If you know of anyone trying to sell one "on the street" or a "walk in", let me know so I can forward the info.   Contact Here
  This next item is a little off subject, but I know an American Bisque sitting dog planter collector that has experienced the lose of a couple of her favorites.    Can be seen  Here  If you have any of these with cold painted spots or decoration to sell, please let me know  Here. Thanks
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  Terrific figurine but my instincts say not Shawnee. I could be totally wrong, just my first impression, sometimes, hands on tells a different story.

  What does the bottom look  like - great piece and I would have bought it as a go with because of the  decals, I love any piece with the era of decals like Shawnee. I have a dog and elephant with the same decals, have had them for years and cherish them even though I don't believe them to be Shawnee
either - wish we had some older catalogs to research these old pottery companies.
  My guess would be Chic Pottery - same vicinity and era. If you don't mind, I can put it in the newsletter and see if anyone recognizes it or has information. Will send to Doug as he has a good eye and may have seen this before.
  I kind of feel Chic Pottery on the figurines above.
No proof, just a feeling.