Feb  2011
by Linda Romberg
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  It was great to hear we are creating problems for Larry McKinley (McKoy4U2) - the buyer of the jar mentioned  below contacted us to determine if the jar was in fact a fake - interestingly even with Larry's money back guarantee he was reluctant to offer it so the buyer  contacted Ebay about their
"protection guarantee" - eventually the buyer did get  his money back from Larry, apparently Larry is not happy about our publicizing his doctoring of our beloved pottery!  At least we are making progress,  hopefully protecting new and not so new collectors from throwing their money away on his junk.
  Comment in December newsletter   "Just this past week a doctored Smiley closed at nearly $300 - with 22 bids - a blue bib with plums/apples - an Ebayer asked a question about the "Smiley" not being in gold on the belly which is standard to not have it on the vintage jars - Mr McKinley pays attention
to detail, a shame he scams innocent unsuspecting  buyers."
  Had an email ref. a really nice find in Michigan - the Great Northern salt and pepper shaker set that is very hard to find.  I don't collect the Dutch but would love to have this set.

  A California collector had a great day at one of the antique markets and came home with some great finds:

  Hope you're sitting down...
  "Smiley is practically mint and she was asking $45, and then he asked her if she would take $40 and I about died because I already had the money outstretched to her and I was terrified someone else would come up from behind me and offer a whole bunch more. She said okay to $40".
  "The Winnie has had some use but the lid is gorgeous and we bought it to replace the damaged  red lacquer. The base has a lot of gold loss and a small hairline. It was $45 and the lid fits our gorgeous base perfectly. Whew!' 
  "The squirrel is... LOL Ah, heck you might just know who made the wee squirrel!  $3.00. Doing our happy Shawnee dance! And I don't care how silly we look!!!"
  This makes me want to hit the road and some of these flea markets - there is nothing like the rush of seeing a piece setting out that excites us. I've been told to stay in Arizona - LOL   :)

  Does anyone know which of the poppy Smileys is more common - the one with the five decals or the seven decals? I also have the Little Red Riding Hood with these decals - many Shawnee collectors have side collections of LRRH.  Louise Bauer was involved with design and production of both lines.
Wishing all of you good finds.  

Until next month, Lin                                          linromb@aol.com
Doug's Corner
  I hate to spend so much time on Larry, but it has to be done. His McCoy GT Banana wall pocket last month on ebay lit my fire.  SEE HERE  Proven a liar and fraud again, Ebay won't even bother investigating. They were sent the item number and this link to the proof. They didn't bother to investigating it.  Sad, Sad, Sad.  
  I know for a fact Larry was asked through "Questions and answers about this item" if he bought this wall pocket on Ebay two years ago. His reply is below -


  He was then asked "If you can't remember two years ago, how can you remember buying it six years ago?" All this is on record with Ebay. That puts them in about the same category as him.
On to a better subject - the facts of pottery life.
  To the uninformed, Chic Pottery is often confused with Shawnee Pottery. Below is a picture that keeps the confusion alive -
  Now I'm doing what I said I didn't want to do - Do you think Larry's father may have worked at Chic ? Maybe it's in his DNA and he can't help himself !!!  (darn, did it again)
  Moving on, If there is any doubt about where this Pop Corn Set originated, check the brand name on the Pop Corn can.
I've seen this shade on the Stage Coach lamp enough times I think it is safe to say this is the original.
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I didn't even make it to press and he's done it again, from mcckoy4u2 -
Ebay Item # 330523922249
mcckoy4u2 auction picture
Curran Shawnee book picture
Now put the scrutiny on the kernels. Also, did I mention Larry bought three Corn King 5" shaker on Ebay December 3rd last year?
Oh, here they are -
He also listed another McCoy item.
  You may want to check back later to see if this is the same pair he sold a while back or a new pair. Keep in mind these are extremely rare, the likelihood of a known crook finding two sets in antique malls or shops is rarer yet. Ebay has not had a legitimate pair offered sinces it started.
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