Dec  2010
SHAWNEE                  TALES
by Linda Romberg
Merry Christmas from the Shawnee Choir
  Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is fast approaching!  Radio stations locally began playing Christmas music BEFORE Halloween!

  Had collectors send some pictures of the figurines along with the milk can shakers - these are not as common as the other two.
  Also a Christmas picture of two Shawnee bank jars - take note of the unusual decoration on the caramel Smiley bank - the collectors have known about this jar for many years so pretty safe to say vintage design.
  We have all gotten so spooked by the doctoring of jars by people such as Larry McKinley - McKoy4U2,  that we are likely to hesitate picking up pieces from years back that had unusual decor. Just this past week a doctored Smiley closed at nearly $300 - with 22 bids -  a blue bib with plums/apples - an Ebayer asked a question about the Smiley not being in gold on the belly which is standard to not have it on the vintage jars - Mr McKinley pays attention to detail, a shame he scams innocent unsuspecting buyers.

  Another collector found a very unique Muggsy jar with rust painted markings on the scarf  -  I have never seen a Muggsy with decoration like this - as you become more experienced at collecting Shawnee you will begin to recognize the "standardized" special colors of paint used - this rust is used on patches and flowers. Years ago a local collector of cookie jars, not Shawnee found me a blue bib Smiley with similar markings on the bib - I was thrilled to add it to my collection.
  Another terrific find is a beautiful yellow bib Smiley with a base of entirely hand painted flowers - what a  wonderful find. Great example of a unique Smiley.

  We are so appreciative of collectors who write in contributing pictures and sharing information with us.  Please understand that as collectors almost everyone wants their identity protected therefore we cannot  give out information on them or their collections.  Few serious collectors are interested in selling their pieces. We tried running ads for wanted and for sale but didn't have any success with it. 
  Thanks to all of you that are stepping forward - hope to see more in the coming year. Feel free  to email any questions or information, I will always respond.

  Keep an eye on Ebay - always great pieces being listed for holiday gift shopping - even if we are buying for ourselves!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a happy holiday season.
Until next month,
Doug's Corner
May your Christmas be Merry and your New Year Prosperous !
Does anyone know the pedigree of this swine?
  This jar is the same size as a Shawnee Smiley cookie jar. The bottom reminds me of the Camp Sweeney bank smiley.
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