Nov  2010
by Linda Romberg
  Fall is finally here and the holidays just around the corner!  I always think this is a good time of year to watch Ebay, as well as your local antique malls, as it seems to me special pieces are  offered for sale to be put under someone's Christmas tree. The local malls always seemed to have unusual items from Halloween through New Years.  

  This month a collector stepped forward and shared some pictures of their collection - I was so excited viewing the pictures - my own preferences have always leaned toward the decaled pieces especially the chanticleers but also the Granny Ann's and Bo Peeps - this collection is so awesome and now for the kicker, they have only been collecting FOUR years. I love hearing
from collectors who obviously love this pottery as much as I do - this takes time and effort to assemble this much of our fantastic pottery. I hope each of you is able to zoom in and view all the details and decals - what a beautiful collection. It means a lot to Doug and me to have readers share their collections with us. Years ago a long time collector told me, you buy a piece at a time and years later, looking back, you will have a really nice collection!  In the beginning it doesn't seem possible there are so many wants!!!!!
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  Speaking of unusual decals - there was a gold squirrel figurine listed on Ebay this past month - it  had the unusual "milk can" decal - it sold for $382,77. Are there any of our readers who have some of the figurines with this decal - it is harder to find and as of yet have not heard of anyone
having the entire set. We would love to have a picture if you have some of these. This and the  other two more common decals- the dusty pink flower with gray leaves and the LRRH wheat thistle/blue cornflower are the only decals I know of, has anyone seen any others?????  With all the doctoring of our pottery happening, I was hesitant regarding gold only on the figurines but have been told by several  long time collectors that they were found as many as thirty years ago so have to assume they were are legitimate. 
  Another collector wrote in "We got lucky yesterday and picked up a Gold Jo Jo. He has beautiful dark colors and very nice gold. The inside of his mouth is gold and every picture I've taken comes out looking like the attached - lights on - lights off - close - far .
  Fun to find such a beautiful jar with such heavy gold.

  Hoping everyone is healthy and looking forward to the holidays. We'd love to hear from more of you!

Until next  month,

Doug's Corner
I have three follow-ups from last month.
One  -  The shaker question. I received an email from a nice person giving their thoughts. As I remember  the bottom line was Metlox, but due to my wonderful sense of organization and my computer's ability to eat data, I can't find the info. So, if you read this, please send your thoughts again. I will imediately update this Newsletter.
Two - A reader sent some info regarding the Hull clock question.
  "I'm also attaching pictures of page 23 from Joan Hull's Hull the Heavenly Pottery where she pictures and talks about the Bluebird and other Hull clocks."
Wonders never cease, I just got the note below from another collector -
"hello doug...

not sure if anyone has already contacted you regarding the green tea kettle shakers pictured in the last newsletter...

these specific shakers were manufactured by metlox potteries for their yorkshire dinnerware line...the glaze color is opaline green...i have a few of the yorkshire pieces as they are a nice compliment to the valencia...

i do hope that this information helps!..."
What can I say?,  except THANKS for the bailout.
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Three - The guy looking for the blue scarf Smiley cookie jar found one. Thanks to one of you folks.