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Sept  2010
by Linda Romberg
jlr1414   Apr-14-10 19:29 SHAWNEE SMILEY APPLE COOKIE JAR HAND DEC AND GOLD TRIM (#330419239198) US $493.00
jlr1414   Sep-22-09 10:00 SHAWNEE SMILEY CLOVERBUD COOKIE JAR WITH GOLD TRIM .HTF (#330358711966) US $775.09 
jlr1414     Aug-19-09 03:06 SHAWNEE 2 PIECE SEMI TRUCK PLANTER WITH RARE GLAZE..HTF (#330349903023) US $76.08
indian222   Jan-31-07 08:43 SHAWNEE SMILEY BANK HEAD COOKIE JAR (#330073030933) US $147.50
brbiken   Nov-30-07 09:58 SHAWNEE POSTER BED PLANTER GOLD TRIMMED...HTF...MINT (#330186018447) US $53.00
itsmeagainandagain   Mar-09-08 19:04 SHAWNEE BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO WITH GOLD TRIM..MINT HTF (#330213444681) US $100.00
vernesto    Mar-08-09 09:15 SHAWNEE BO PEEP PITCHER WITH AIR BRUSHED BLUE SKIRT HTF (#330308681953) US $100.99
devielynn   Aug-20-09 21:51 SHAWNEE CLOVERBUD SUGAR BOWL WITH LID EXCELLENT SHAPE.. (#330350015498) US $100.99
dmystery41   Jan-17-10 21:56 SHAWNEE CLOVER BUD SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS LG GOLD TRIM (#330392326023) US $177.50
pots47   Jan-17-10 21:56 SHAWNEE CLOVER BUD SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS LG GOLD TRIM (#330392326023) US $177.50
argyleantiques   Aug-18-10 17:10 SHAWNEE SMALL S/P CLOVERBUD SHAKERS WITH GOLD TRIM..HTF (#330453203183) US $41.00
argyleantiques Aug-18-10 17:10 SHAWNEE SMALL S/P CLOVERBUD SHAKERS WITH GOLD TRIM..HTF (#330453203183) US $41.00
woodwork3433   May-28-07 05:36 SHAWNEE 5" CHINESE GIRL AND BOY SOLID GOLD TRIM ...RARE (#330118401537) US $66.09
woodwork3433        Feb-29-08 15:00 SHAWNEE CORN KING CREAMER AND SUGAR WITH GOLD TRIM (#330210251968) US $250.00
woodwork3433          May-28-07 05:34 SHAWNEE 61/2" 30 OZ. CORN KING TEAPOT WITH GOLD TRIM (#330118047329) US $330.00
djngm   Jun-04-10 15:19 SHAWNEE CHANTICLEER PITCHER WITH SPECIAL GOLD TRIM RARE (#330435748665) US $81.00
auctiongoer2009   Jan-08-10 18:35 SHAWNEE WHITE CORN SUGAR BOWL DECORATED AND GOLD TRIM.. (#330383449602) US $52.00
dwzafz   Aug-26-08 19:41 SHAWNEE CREAMER/SUGAR WITH LID... GOLD TRIMMED.. MINT (#330259833335) US $103.49
dwzafz         Jan-01-07 07:33 SHAWNEE CHANTICLEER PITCHER WITH SOLID GOLD TRIM ..RARE (#330059239181) US $271.00
dwzafz   Sep-08-09 18:37 SHAWNEE BOX LOT OF GOOD PIECES ALL ARE MINT (#330342846462) US $65.09
dwzafz    Mar-01-08 19:23 SHAWNEE SUNFLOWER SALT AND PEPPER SHAKER GOLD TRIMMED (#330209777999) US $51.00
dwzafz    Sep-08-09 18:37 SHAWNEE SUNFLOWER TEAPOT WITH EXCELLENT GOLD TRIM HTF (#330342759764) US $62.00
jesuschristsavedmylife    Feb-25-10 14:31 SHAWNEE TOOTHACHE DOG FIGURINE WITH GOLD TRIM 1942 HTF (#330405673702) US $128.01
jesuschristsavedmylife    Dec-14-09 15:52 SHAWNEE DOG WITH SORE PAW FIGURINE GOLD TRIMMED RARE (#330383085975) US $91.00
bobates   Oct-29-08 07:14 SHAWNEE DRUMMER BOY COOKIE JAR MINT CONDITION GOLD TRIM (#330278079862) US $202.50
marya2952    May-16-09 20:32 SHAWNEE ELEPHANT CREAMER WHITE WITH GOLD TRIM ...HTF... (#330325921388) US $16.49
8184rachel    Sep-02-07 21:18 SHAWNEE ELEPHANT CREAMER WITH SOLID GOLD TRIM (#330154211113) US $30.99
timerunnercollecting    Jul-21-07 16:03 SHAWNEE RANGE SIZE CORN SHAKERS WITH INDIAN CORN GLAZED (#330142917005) US $268.00
movtec   Apr-03-09 17:16 SHAWNEE LUCKY ELEPHANT COOKIE JAR HAND DECORATED RARE (#330315052397) US $257.15
pontiglass      Oct-14-07 08:21 SHAWNEE MUGGSY LARGE S&Ps HAND DECORATRED GOLD TRIM HTF (#330165030961) US $138.49
jswansonhoneybuns      Jun-11-10 09:54 SHAWNEE MUMPY CAT FIGURINE WITH SPECIAL GOLD TRIM 51/2" (#330435753254) US $56.00
fun$tuff    Feb-21-07 07:30 SHAWNEE PUSS N BOOTS CREAMER WITH GOLD TRIM... MINT (#330086448235) US $76.01
weebitshy     Oct-16-09 15:39 SHAWNEE PUSS-N-BOOTS CREAMER WITH SPECIAL GOLD TRIM HTF (#330365815449) US $170.49
1229sdm    May-13-09 14:30 SHAWNEE SMILEY COOKIE JAR WITH DECALS AND GOLD RARE HTF (#330326628132) US $950.00
luckofbuck   Dec-01-06 15:59 SHAWNEE SMILEY CREAMER WITH GOLD TRIM (#330048083672) US $82.02
onefourpooh    Dec-29-06 10:28 SHAWNEE SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS GOLD TRIMMED ALL MINT (#330058859796) US $36.35
1dsoko    Aug-22-08 05:08 SHAWNEE SQUIRREL FIGURINE WITH GOLD TRIM DECORATION (#330259101194) US $37.01
lolliekay8158     Jan-17-10 15:00 SHAWNEE BEAR AND WAGON WITH CHIHUAHUA DOG VERY RARE (#330392726170) US $155.50
chimnme    Jun-29-07 07:24 SHAWNEE YELLOW ELEPHANT TEA POT WITH GOLD TRIM (#330130684812) US $281.50
Doug's Corner
  Below is a partial list of Larry's, mcckoy4u2, contribution to Shawnee Pottery's gold and decorated pieces. Maybe you think "why should I care", well, there will be a time when this junk will start coming back on the market. Only next time with a different seller ID, possibly with one the ID's below. Or maybe with a new ID, so if you have your doubts about a piece it would be a good idea to check the Ebay user ID history of the seller. This junk is going to affect the value of the gold trimmed pieces in all of our collections as people become afraid to buy it.
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  Wondering how many readers were watching Mcckoy4U2 auction for the solid gold Smiley??????  Doug and I feel Larry just wants to show us that he doesn't give a hoot about our blasting of his shenanigans in the newsletter and on the web site.  So many people are incited by his antics yet some fool paid an exorbitant price of $1476......... and Larry McKinley still has 100% positive feedback which shows all of us how Ebay's feedback system really doesn't indicate security for any of us.  Takes a lot of the fun out of collecting with jerks like this doctoring gold decoration and decals on our beloved pottery. This crap gets mixed in with a good collection and it is BUYER BEWARE even with "reputable" collectors selling off pieces. Saddens me that genuine quality Shawnee pieces are passed over for items like this which will just encourage McKinley to continue. McCoy collectors are upset over this as well but to date have had no success in preventing this fraud. I suppose there is a slight chance of him having something legitimate - the only possibility of this piece being legit is the Le Mieux marking but my gold Smiley did not have that nor do the majority of decorated items - I have only seen a couple of Bo Peeps marked with it, chanticleer, sunflower teapot - I have no idea if that could be replicated or not. ( Lin & I haven't discuss the stamp thing specifically, but there are a number of custom rubber stamp makers around. A check in Pam's book didn't show the mcckoy4u2  Le Mieux mark. Doug)
Larry's mark, the book mark has "24 Carat Gold" inside the wreath.
Larry's platinum Sun Flower teapot mark.
  On  the FUN side of collecting a friend emailed me pictures of some finds they had  this summer.  Interesting piece I have never seen is a large arrowhead ash  tray that is so similar in many ways to the small arrowhead of Shawnee. A great go with piece even if not Shawnee - many experimental pieces so always a chance. 

  Pictures show the difference in size. It is very heavy. It measures 10.75" x 7.25". It's about 1.24 inches deep - then we were talking to another dealer we know and he thought he had one at home,  they're the same except his is brown. We'll see them again in September and he said he'd bring his
along. He only bought his because of the Indian on  it.
  We found these 3 Smiley S & P's and the Winnie Cookie jar a few weeks ago. Yes, the Winnie is a Blueberry jar - never thought we'd own one! The peach Smiley's are really nice, too. We don't  see too many of them around. Ok, actually, these are the only ones we've ever seen!
  Also this email question for any of our readers - Have any of you seen pieces like this that may be Shawnee???

  We have questions about this bird. We found him at the same time we found the Smiley's and the Winnie cookie jar.

  These came from a lady who has a lot of Shawnee. (We've only seen pictures.) Anyway, this looks a lot like a bird in Pam's book, but it's kinda hard to tell. See the slit in the bottom of him - he will sit on a thin glass or pot. In the book Pam doesn't say anything about this. From wing tip to wing tip he measures about 3.25" and from beak to the tail about 2.5".

  Do you think this is Shawnee?   My response was based on what appears to be dark pottery but may be staining from years of us but I didn't feel it was Shawnee though it certainly resembles a lot of the miniatures and animal  pieces.
  I just returned from a road trip to Nevada and southern Utah - actually passed by some antique shops as time was  limited and I wanted to enjoy Zion and Bryce - one of my favorite areas - glorious scenery and it was actually COOL - a nice respite from Arizona's brutal  heat.

  Another collector friend was so thoughtful to send me a copy of  Elvin Culp's obituary - I mentioned last month he had passed away - he was the owner of Clara Belle's in Zanesville and such a wealth of information on pottery.

  An excerpt from the obituary 

  "He was an avid lover and collector of antiques. He and his wife were owners and operators of  Clara Belle Antiques until they retired in February 2010.

  He was considered as the "Walking pottery Encyclopedia" in an article published in the New York Times." 

  I met him 25 years ago when I attended my first Pottery Festival - his shop was so impressive -  I was there with Joy and Paul Schneider browsing when I heard a familiar voice asking if she knew me when he heard her mention Shawnee - at that time I knew so many people via phone calls but met so many long time collector friends on that first trip - , Jim and  Bev Mangus, Jim and Bev Novonglosky, Mary and Cecil Rapp, Mel and Jean Gibson, Ron and Connie Brown, Duane and Janice Vanderbilt - just to name a few that you will recognize from the early days and the books about Shawnee. Those were  the days when we were all so obsessed - before cell phones and our bills were $200-$300 a month chasing this pottery and developing friendships!!!  I  have to give credit to Pam Curran for bringing all of us together via her newsletter!  So many memories!
Until next month - Happy  collecting.

Lin                            linromb@aol.com