by  Linda Romberg
Nov  2009
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  We seem to be picking up new readers, many are so appreciative of Doug's efforts on the website -  several have avoided costly mistakes by checking the "Not Shawnee" category.
  "I did find an "interesting" jar a couple of weeks ago on a hunt. It  was a cold-painted Smiley where the lid lifted from the neck, not the shoulders. It didn't feel or look like Shawnee, so I called Barb and she remembered reading something about the jar, so she logged onto your site and found the jar in the "Not Shawnee" section. I  almost bought it just to have as an example of a fake Smiley, but didn't  feel like paying $30.00 for it. If it's still there next time we are hunting in that area, I will probably offer $20 just to get it off the market. Besides, it  would make a good dust cloth holder for our authentic jars." ~g~
  Another reader sent pictures of a teapot variation I have never seen nor heard about -
  "Here's some photo's of a unique piece I found a while back, a Fern teapot usually only seen un-decorated, (Maybe there's one in gold trim out  there?) and I don't think they did cold paint on utility pieces. This one appears to have had the embossed decoration omitted or sanded off from two sides and an under-glaze flower decoration added to the two flat panels."
  I have received several inquiries about "married" Smiley pig cookie jars - often times on Ebay we see an odd listing of the jars below - over the years I hear or see them from time to  time - often times it has been a family jar so appears to come this way. I  think having been sold in dime stores the original purchaser may have switched the heads or possibly the jars even left the factory this way because of fit or breakage at the factory. While not the normal pairing they still make beautiful jars so if the price is right, don't hesitate to add them to your  collection as a variation. Occasionally there will be mismatched jars that dealers or collectors have switched around to make a mint jar from two damaged  jars.  Realize these jars won't command normal prices, but if you enjoy the jar, let that be the deciding factor!
  A friend went to the cookie jar auction in South Carolina in early October - she sent some prices paid - she was mainly interested in Metlox and got the jars she had looked for over the years. She sent me some of the prices. This is just a partial list of prices paid.

Metlox Space Rocket   $500   (mint with sticker)

Metlox Pink Elephant (Elephant with Ice Bag)   $625  (mint)

Metlox Elephant with Straw Hat  $775  (mint  with stickers)

Metlox Parrot  $190 (mint)

Metlox Sombrero  Bear Set (w/ CJ, S&P, and Chip/Dip)   $50  (all  mint)

Metlox Blue Whale  $90  (slight crazing to  seagull)

Metlox Beaver with flowers  $90  (mint)

Shawnee  Butterscotch Bank head Smiley   $115  (mint with one tiny glaze 
air bubble fleabite on bib)

Brush Formal Pig (black coat)  $40   (mint)

Sigma Planetary Pal Robot  $45    (mint)

California Originals Tigger (Walt Disney)  $20  (slight  paint loss on one
corner of jar where lid connects)

  Before I could secure  the bank head Smiley, they'd moved on to the Winnies, and I believe a couple of them (peach and blue) went for something like $15 apiece. I was pretty upset that I couldn't get back to my seat in time. The auctioneer auctioned from the floor (walking around), and the winning bidders had to come retrieve the piece as he moved onto the next.

  My friend from Texas was trying feverishly to keep up with the auctioneer and the prices the jars sold for.  Toward the end, he opened up an entire section of no-reserve jars and asked for a bid.  At that point you could come up and take as many as you want from that section - each for that bid price...  That's when it got a little crazy; people started flocking like vultures.  I have a bunch of transcription to do to get you the jars and values, and will do that before the end of the weekend.  To me at least,  the amazing no-sells were 2 out of 3 AB flasher jars, Metlox Sammy Seal, and the McCoy Chairman of the Board.

  Appreciate collectors sharing - auctions can  be so much fun - interesting to see which items people are interested, all it takes is two bidders to drive up the prices. Oh, here's the best bargain have heard of in quite awhile.

"Just got back from Chicago (where I'm from and where Mom still is), and found a Shawnee Happy with gold (great shape) for $8 in a basement sale"

  This is what keeps us on the antiquing  trail...........

Until next month,

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Doug's Corner
  Lin's mention of the fern teapot in the Newsletter reminded me of some of the curious teapots that I've saved pictures of over the years.
This Rosette teapot confirms Shawnee workers were playing with underglaze flowers in the early days. The yellow flowered one below appears to be underglaze too.
This Pennsylvania Dutch style appears to be painted on the glaze with some gold sponging.
The two below were on Ebay. Looks like the sellers were unloading teapot parts.
We also need to thank Frieda for her passionate help with cookie jar fraud -
Nov 21st - part 2 of large Shawnee auction -
  Results of the 1st part of the large Shawnee auction are at this link -