by  Linda Romberg
July 2009
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  I must be getting older as the end of the month is rolling around faster each month........        it has been nice getting pictures from collectors - we really appreciate the response!

  Collectors once again brought up a market I went to years ago in Round Top Texas - an absolutely wonderful outdoor market - I was there  about 12 or 13 years ago and loved it - well worth the trip - it actually reminded me of what Pottery Festival must have been like in the early years when all the fields had sellers set up all over.  Pottery, primitives, furniture  -   a little bit of everything.

  "If you ever find yourself in Texas on the 1st weekend of April or October, the Warrenton-Roundtop area is the place to be for every kind of flea market or antique show.  We love to go at least once a year, usually in April when the bluebonnets are in bloom, but couldn't make it this year.  It is so much fun, but you have to bring your walking shoes. The whole countryside surrounding those 2 little farm towns  has more places than any one person can see.  Country Living magazine usually does a write-up about it, and there is a website with photos. We  see lots of Shawnee there along with everything else. We just wanted to  pass on a travel tip for any future flea market travel plans you might make".

  I recall I found a terrific pair of gold trim Smiley range shakers there and saw several good jars. Also two Chesapeake Ohio Railroad framed prints with the Chessie cats from the very early 1940's.  My first  trip to Pottery Festival in Zanesville in the mid 80's I overheard Duane Vanderbilt (Shawnee author) say something about a Chessie cat, not being from the area I was not familiar with the advertising campaign with the cat but I had a cat named Chessie which looked identical to her so was fascinated with the  history - this is how we get sidetracked on other collections along the Shawnee trail....
  If you were watching Ebay earlier this month, an unusual set of Dutch boy and Girl range shakers sold - stunning set with unusual decals - in a buyers market this set brought $262......   Goes to show the premium pieces still bring good prices.

  Larry in Kentucky must be on vacation or maybe we are making progress in alerting collectors to his doctored Shawnee - hopefully collectors are becoming more aware and avoiding his items.

  Here are more pictures from another longtime collection - appreciate those of you who are willing to share your displays with us.

See the latest display Here
Until next  month..... happy collecting.

Doug's Corner
Last month's owl figurine (undrilled shaker) brought some more out of hiding.
and another from the same collection.
  For the folks new to Shawnee, these are the early Smileys with the smaller fill hole. The green scarf on the right is an unusual version. I suspect the guy in the center was barely dry before he was in the lunch pail. A very rare piece.        Lin and I thank you.
So, If you have shakers without holes or Banks without slots, we'd love to see them.
  Last month Lin mentioned Potter Wheel bookends. I had a response from two collectors in Ohio saying there is/was a couple sets in Zanesville in the malls. They were also nice enough to send the pictures below. A new color for me for bookends. Keep in mind these are not marked Shawnee and may have been manufactored by Rumrill.
They also threw in a bonus picture -
Thanks to all, Doug
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