by  Linda Romberg
June 2009
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  Last month Doug and I requested photos of  collections -  we received several responses, we really appreciate the  sharing of your collections.  It is always fun to see how others display their pottery - I especially enjoy seeing how many of you are as  obsessive/compulsive about Shawnee as I am - LOL.  Doug will post some of the pictures over the next couple of months and we welcome any others you want  to send us.
  Now that the flea markets are being held all over the country, some collectors have spotted some unusual pieces. One is an owl "shaker" with no holes, so I guess it would be a figurine.  Have any of you found shakers not drilled, the only one I have is a small green Winnie.  I wonder if we sometimes pass these items up by not looking closely if it is an  item we already have???
  Look at this wonderful Winnie and Smiley salt and pepper set for a variation I have not seen before...  the collectors walked by it at first thinking they had this set - it pays to look more closely!
The normal production version >
Another unusual set of  shakers

  Speaking of uncommon pieces are any of you coming across the arrowhead
cigarette boxes or the Potters Wheel book ends - it has been ages since I
heard of anyone finding them and even longer since I hit the flea markets back
east - none of these ever seem to turn up out West. Years ago I did  find a
Potters Wheel bookend in blue by Rumrill in southern Calif - I didn't buy but
told other Shawnee friends about it for them to purchase it.
  Be sure  to check out all the pictures Doug posted this month.
Grab your camera and have your collection featured here next month.
  For many of you that I haven't replied to emails, I have been out of the
country and still way behind on my back email - will reply soon.
Until next  month,

  I had a call from a long time collector who has family in Kentucky where
he was visiting - he told me there are several malls in the area that are
filled with FAKE Corn King - not properly marked but said novice collectors
could be fooled.  Buyers beware!!!!   If you recall we posted information
months ago how  everal pairs of "Indian corn" shakers surfaced in Kentucky
within a short  time. Such a rarity, I can't help but believe these all had
to be  fakes!!!!  Here is a picture a set of Indian Corn that a long time 
collector found, he feels they are authentic -  "indian  corn"  The reason we
doubt the authenticity of the ones that turned up on Ebay out of Ky is for
well over twenty years I only knew of ONE PAIR in an advanced collectors
collection then suddenly out of the "blue" several sets show up out of Ky
listed on Ebay with neighboring zip codes - very suspicious -  they brought
high prices on Ebay - we never were able to connect them to our nemesis Larry but they came from his neck of the woods......
  Another rare piece of corn is the corn casserole with the kernels on the  lid.  Have only heard of a few showing up - most molds are said to produce 
between 100-150 pieces so likely others out there to be found but these could
have been test pieces - time will tell.

  Doug may have some pictures of other suspicious corn - please check  out
his website as he is so good about keeping it updated - being forewarned may 
you a LOT OF MONEY ON JUNK..............
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