by  Linda Romberg
  May 2009
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  Why is it only a few select collectors are the main contributors of information????

  A long time collector sent pictures of his collection to share - thanks for sharing with all  of us. I truly love seeing the cabinets and displays collectors have to feature this wonderful pottery - would love for more of you to contribute!  For me, a house is not a home without Shawnee in it....... so many of us grew up with a piece of Shawnee in our homes, hence a
lifelong obsession with this pottery!
  This month we have some  pictures of perfume bottles found - keep an eye out for these little  items!

"Found these perfume bottles, too. Sure wish I could find some with the flame and shades. Oh well, maybe someday......"
"Also an interesting Smiley cookie jar with an unusually decorated bib - appears to be air brushed!!"
  Once again Larry, aka Mcckoy4U2, had a custom decorated cookie jar on Ebay this past week - a Smiley with hair - it  closed at $1125 -  Doug did post the information about the listing on the web site - note the almost burgundy tinged cheeks - looks like Larry took a cold painted lid and turned it into a yellow bib.  BUYERS BEWARE, PLEASE.

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  For a little background on these guys -  Click Here
Real Shawnee cookie jar, FAKE hair. Why? Because that's what Larry does. (Doug's 2 ¢)
Until next month..............

Happy  collecting.

Doug's Corner
  Seeing how it's spring and time to go fishing I thought I'd open a can of worms. Out came bank head cookie jars. I discovered all the bottom of the heads aren't the same. Some have a dry foot construction, some smooth, does anyone know why?
  Now I guess it is time to go look at the ones you have and report back to me. Of course if you also have a theory let me hear it too. Please send your results Here.
While we are in the question mode - what about this next piece?
Can anyone straighten me out on this one?
You can see how easily the jar on the right can become a jar with hair. Just add hair and cheek blush, a little heat and you've made $900.        >
FLASH !   Apr 29th   I received an email that made my day, it actually gave me great pleasure.  This email follows -
   "Thanks to a dear friend who gave me the heads up about Larry - I was spared from paying $1125.00 for a Smiley with after market hair.  Larry said he was going to report me as a non paying member to ebay and I told him to go right ahead.
   I want to thank you and your newsletter for saving me some very hard work to get my money back from this thief - I hope he gets what is coming to him!!!"
  A big "you're welcome" from Lin and I. This makes all the work to educate people worth while. I just wish we could reach more people soon enough. To help, when listing items on ebay, please make reference to this website.                                                                                                                                                  Thanks, Doug
  This is still unfolding, Larry says he is going to relist this jar Monday. Check back in couple weeks for the rest of the story.