by  Linda Romberg
  Mar 2009
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  In Arizona Spring is here!!!!  We are in the high 80''s expecting to hit 90 tomorrow.  Everything is in bloom which translates to a vicious allergy season!  Also a lot of sales are happening. Unfortunately we just don't have the pottery most areas in the Midwest and East do.
  Many of you may have noticed the two Smileys with hair on Ebay right now.  I
have had several inquiries about the one with the red hair on a blue bib Smiley - interestingly the yellow bib is drawing the most bids and higher price. Over the years we have become accustomed  to "standards" in decorated items - i.e. patches are rust, flowers are usually hand painted in the rust and green, black hair is on yellow bibs, red hair has always been on green bibs - normally on the chrysanthemum base which isn't  typical for a green bib except the red headed jar - some have been switched out  by buyers or dealer to the shamrock base because we thought that was they way  they were meant to be. The red head that is listed has several red flags  (which doesn't mean it isn't "real" but there have been so many doctored pieces we get wary)  for one it has a pale blue bib which isn't seen in gold trim  - I personally have only seen it in a few plain jars, never gold. The red  hair is not the typical color paint. It bothers me that in over 30 years of collecting that years ago these pieces didn't surface and believe me, a lot of us networked heavily sharing information - it may be the Internet has opened up avenues exposing pieces we might have not discovered otherwise but use caution  and trust your instincts. About 18 months ago I heard of some unusual combinations and honestly doubt the authenticity of many items.  Obviously with the most interest in the yellow bib, serious collectors also are being cautious sticking with what they know to be legitimate.  It will be interesting to see the final value on these two auctions. The seller of the red  head is very open and honest about representing the jar - I would love to hear from collectors all over as to their
feelings and jars they may have or have seen - just because there is a typical
pattern it doesn't mean there aren't variations out there yet to be found. 
Note some blue bibs do have black suspenders, buttons, etc - this one has the
black suspenders and the patch on the base is black which may tie it all
  Doug and I would welcome any pictures you have to share with our readers.  I
don't claim to know everything about the jars - I have quite a few with hair, having networked heavily to acquire them, as love them but relatively few with bugs, those seem  to be more prevalent in the eastern states from what I hear.  Most are on yellow bib jars. When Pam Curran researched her book and took photographs she had access to many extensive collections - has to make a
person wonder why these "different" pieces were nowhere to be found????? 
Appreciate any input any of you have, we are all interested in learning whatever
we can about this wonderful pottery.
To save you a click, the top 3 pictures are the Ebay red head.
The red head to the right  is the one discribed above. Notice the reflection of the hairline in back.
  Last month Rhonda was looking for a lid to a gold tom tom teapot to replace
a damaged lid - lo and behold one with a damaged base was listed on Ebay so
she was able to put together a mint teapot. I have always kept an eye for other collectors wants over the years - hate to leave a part sit in case someone is looking for it - I am still willing to put together a matching service of wants and items/lids/bases for sale or trade if there is interest. I will add a section if you email with your wants or odd pieces you have. Doug puts a lot of time and energy into maintaining the web site for all of you yet few of you participate with contributions!!!

  I am looking for two collectors for gold trim chanticleers if anyone has any for sale!  I am looking for one for my own collection with gold stenciling decals.
Until  next month...................

Below are some of the hand painted flowers mentioned above.
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March 2nd, a note from Lin    ALERT - long time Shawnee collectors have seen/examined this jar in  person - it is definitely NOT REAL - IT IS A DOCTORED JAR -  BEWARE!!!!!!!!!  More to follow in next months  newsletter.................