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by  Linda Romberg
June  2008
  Interesting month on Ebay - not as many listings but a couple of good jars sold - two Blueberry Winnies, as Doug pointed out, one was not described as a blue berry but both brought good prices - around the $700 range.  For those of you not familiar with the jar - it is actually the green shamrock Winnie with the buds on the hat but painted blue instead hence referring to them as blueberries.  Does anyone have one NOT IN GOLD TRIM?  Years ago I missed one and if  the lady  was correct, it is the only one I have ever heard of.  All the ones I have seen are gold trim with either blue collars or the red lacquer.  Be on the  look out for them as they are definitely far and few between.
  Once again Rhonda and Bear sent some pictures of a couple of their finds -
we wish more of you would take  the time to contribute!

"Well, the shows have started around here and we found a couple of jars.

Also came home with a Chef Cookie jar in  gold - white pottery. Nicest jar
I've seen, but does have an inner rim chip -  but the price was good, so will
make a good shelf piece.

Then we  found a green trellis clock. Have had a brown one, but was good to
find a green one finally. Found a couple of miniatures, too.

If you see Ron,  please tell him we were thinking of him yesterday as we were
in Rochester. Maybe he'll be back in Oronoco in August? (They have what they
call Gold Rush Days in August and both towns have shows - so it ends up
being a very busy week end to do both shows.)

Take care and thanks for all your hard work! And thanks  as usual for all of
your good information.

Rhonda and  Bear

Rust color, but not sure if it is painted over  green or not.
Bud on pocket was never painted.  Took us awhile to figure out why it had a
shamrock on each pocket and none were  pictured in the books.

Cold painted Jar. Haven't lifted one for awhile, so forgot how heavy they were.
Wasn't expensive and we didn't have a cold painted jar so picked this one up."
Some previous owner did  the decals and they've yellowed with time.
  Note - there was a green trellis clock listed on Ebay, sold for  $22 + $13 shipping.  Not a bad buy -  these are not easily found and this one listed states it is in working order!
  Another email inquiring about the clover bud teapot  handles - need help from
our readers as to which handle is the more  common/rare


  My wife and I went to Rochester, MN this  last weekend for the Gold Rush Flea
Market. There was a dealer there that had a clover bud tea pot with a green
handle and a clover bud tea pot with a  brown handle. I'm assuming the one
with the green handle is the common one.
  Is the one with the brown handle much rarer? I've looked through Mangus,
Vanderbilt and the Curran book and none of them even picture the handle.

Thanks,  Kevin "
  I don't have any teapots in my collection other than the Granny Ann's so had
nothing to compare it with - I was leaning toward the green being more rare
but Kevin thought otherwise so hoping someone really familiar with clover bud
pieces can advise us on this.

  Kevin also had some information on the Owl cookie jar featured last month
with a great story behind it but we had to tell the buyer it wasn't Shawnee -
neither Doug nor I could find it in  any of our books but Kevin did and sent
this information.

  "The cookie jar  in your latest newsletter is on Page 268 of The Complete
Cookie Jar Book by Mike  Schneider. It is listed as unknown. Some time in the
past, some one told me it  was sold by or a premium from "Jewel Tea" in the 40's or 50's. Jewel is a large grocery store/drug store chain, I'm not sure if it
is in your area or not. I  think it is owned by Albertson's.
  If I had to guess, I would say APCO  (American Pottery Co.) or American
Bisque made it. They were closely related. If you ever get the chance to run
across it, American Bisque Collectors Guide with  prices by Mary Jane Giacomini has a lot of cold-painted items that are similar.

Kevin "
  I had several inquiries about a jar listed last  month - it was a green bib
Smiley gold trim jar with the chrysanthemum base. 
  These show up every once in awhile - whether they are married or  actually were released this way we don't know - I do know that several of the red headed Smileys have normally been found with the mum base - we always think of the green bib coming with the shamrock base but it does turn up with the multi flowered base we find with yellow and blue bibs ordinarily so don't rule out a good jar just because the lid isn't commonly found on the particular  base.  They could have been
switched at the retail outlets originally but too many have surfaced that have been that way since the original owner received  them as a gift so likely Shawnee did pair some that way.  Remember these  were dime store items - hard to conceive that years later we crazy collectors would pay exorbitant prices for the oddities!!!!
  For those of you out on the Shawnee Trail hitting the local antique markets, please send us reports as to what you are finding. Next month is Zanesville's Pottery Festival - usually between the second and third week of July.  When I googled it one site list it as the 12th through the 20th, another listed it as the 10th through the 16th. Anyone in the vicinity would enjoy checking it out - might be a fun detour on a summer trip you have planned. All the local shops in the area prepare all year for a good pottery selection during Festival week.
Until  next month.

Happy  collecting.

Lin                                                                        Linromb@aol.com