by  Linda Romberg
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Dec  2007
  Thanks to everyone who responded  to our request about the Muggsy mold version - we really appreciate it.  Turns out that the variation is authenticated and several of you have jars with the mold that date back well in to the sixties.  I had said what it would take for me to be convinced would be a gold trim Muggsy with authentic decals and a friend sent me a picture of her GREEN scarf Muggsy with the wide apart feet.  Isn't it amazing how many times we don't notice little details such as this???????

"OK, not a great photo but you can clearly see the  separated feet.
Amazing, I never noticed them."

"Hi Linda,
I have a feet wide apart Muggsy and had never noticed it! The bottom is
marked PATENTED  Muggsy U.S.A. It's very faint and I couldn't get a good picture of the bottom. I keep a spreadsheet of my Shawnee collection, and I bought him in 1986 for $6 ...  ah the good old days!!!

I sold on Ebay the part of my collection I had packed in boxes for years
because I ran out of  display room. Since I have 2 Muggsy jars and this one has a hairline crack in the back I planned to sell him, but for some reason just
didn't list him and put him back in the box ... now I think I'll keep him!"
  I checked my collection but no wide apart feet in my menagerie!!!!  We are
somewhat concerned though by some of the wide apart feet that have surfaced on Ebay and DO think there may be a reproduction sporting this footed mold. BE CAREFUL and check the seller's credibility and be cautious not to jump in thinking it is a rare older one. We will keep you  posted on what we find out on this.
  BUT WAIT - Doug emailed me with another mold variation - this on the Puss N Boots cookie jar!!!!!  How many of you have noticed there is a mold with the
wide apart feet on her too???????  As far as we have been able to determine,
it is the long tailed  version - so we are wondering if there are any short-tailed versions with the wide apart feet or if this is limited to the long tail.  I DO have a gold trimmed long tail Puss with this mold variation.  Could you check your jars and see if we can come up with a pattern to this variation????
(check your short-tails too - Doug)
  Last month I mentioned a friend getting an early Christmas gift - a chance
in a lifetime to pick up three wonderful jars - one in particular is a jar I
searched for years on end - I had a picture of Gold Winnie Green Bank jar on
my refrigerator for close to fifteen years before I found mine.  Some dream
pieces take a long time to acquire!  My friend has had an exceptionally
challenging year and this find is cause for celebration - take a look at these
  Another email arrived inquiring about whether or not a Smiley a friend found
at a garage sale was authentic - most certainly was - what a find for ten
dollars - a gold rose Smiley in perfect condition - we all dream of stumbling
on a great jar at a sale like that!!!

"got your email from Doug. I am new to Shawnee and found Doug’s web site
after almost buying a fake on ebay and now I wonder  about the one I have that
was given to me by a friend. Her brother-in-law got it for her from a local yard sale a couple of years ago. She no longer collects pigs and did not want it.         I was hoping to find a Winnie to go with him. 

Doug says you're the expert on decals so I hope you can tell me if this is a
real Shawnee and if so when it was made. There are no cracks or chips or 
crackling. There is a faint mold line between his ears on top of his head and 
down each side on his body. He has suspenders in back with 2 gold buttons and his scarf is tied in a knot with the bows are upward on the back of his  head…
Thank you so much, please see attachment"
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season - hope it  is a Shawnee Christmas........ 
until next month.

Doug's Corner
I have a ton of material and an ounce of time, so until next time, wishing you a          Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.
Tis' the season