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SHAWNEE TALES  by  Linda Romberg
  The holidays are just around the corner, hence the auction listings should be increasing on Ebay - for the most part, a buyers market lately.
  Amy Tatro sent some pictures of her collection displays. She and her husband have been collecting for about two years and like most of us got hooked very quickly. Their first piece was a Corn King teapot. She got very lucky recently when a friend picked up a Winking Owl cookie jar for just ONE DOLLAR at a church sale. Pays to have friends keeping an eye out for Shawnee !!!!!
  Amy has an unusual Lucky elephant jar - he is plain but has an orange bow. Has anyone else ever seen one like this ???
  I recently acquired a beautiful jar - more than likely a test piece. It is marked with a number on the base,on an unglazed pottery strip, the rest of the base is all under glaze. I have never seen another like it. For many years I had a picture on my refrigerator door of a jar I wanted more than any other - the gold trimmed green Winnie bank. It took me about ten years to find one, that's how rare it is. A friend later found a green Winnie bank and it wasn't until he received it that we, or at least I, realized it was not gold.  I had ironically assumed the few that were made were gold decorated. Amazingly the banks are quite different in color - the gold one having a deep forest green base. While the plain one has more of a subdued green. The pictures of the bank jars hopefully will demonstrate the difference. I had hoped to pair these jars, but the contrast is too different. I believe the plain one is one of a kind based on the etched number. I hesitate to state that, as I have always believed - where there is one, there are more. 
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