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by  Linda Romberg
Sept  2007
Aug 07
  There hasn't been a lot of contact this past month - several people have offered to write about their collections or items but nothing has been received as yet.

  Doug contacted me re an auction for the Sunflower teapot - several others also contacted me about a  couple of other auctions with suspicious bidding activity.   Ebay has successfully hidden so much of the bidding activity that it isn't as easy to  spot what might be shill bidding. Buyers are doing their best to keep track of bidding regardless. One particular bidding history contains two very similar bidding ID"s with just a letter then*** between them (also same number of feedbacks) - odd that two different people would have the same style bidder ID and be outbidding each other on SEVERAL items.  I know a couple of people have contacted Ebay about this situation. With Ebay offering free listings for ALL of September this indicates their listings are down, apparently they hope to make up the lack of  listings by offering free listings and make up the funds by reserve fees and final value fees.  If you are not happy with the changes Ebay has made regarding hiding the bidders ID's, why not drop them a line and let them know, 

  eBay has changed how bid history information is displayed for higher-priced items. To help keep the eBay community safe, enhance bidder privacy, and protect our members from fraudulent emails, only you and the seller of the item can view your User ID in bid history. Other member will see anonymous names.
Item number:250157970262 
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250157970262 Shawnee Sunflower Coffee Maker Covered Jug
Winning bid:US $267.55 

Click below to see bidding history -
Starting Price US  $69.99 Aug-23-07 20:56:16 PDT
  We didn't have much success when we tried  running an ads section months ago but I do keep in touch with a lot of  collectors, many who have items for sale - if you are interested in being  notified, please email me at Linromb@aol.com  and I may be able to help you sell, trade or buy - many are longtime collectors and often we can do better networking than by taking chances on Ebay.  I'll be glad to keep a want list/match list and try to put the right collectors together. A friend is  contemplating selling her collection and has an extensive amount of miniatures  as well as many figural pieces.  I have very little Shawnee for sale from my collection but am selling a lot of my Metlox and most of my Little Red Riding Hood collection for lack of display area.

  For starting collectors, if you are interested in acquiring a library of reference books, I have always utilized  LW Books  WWW.LWBOOKS.COM

1 Book Retail Price
2-4  Books 20% Off Retail
5-19 Books 35% Off Retail
20+ Books 40% Off  Retail
Discounts effective starting July 1, 2007


Shipping charges $6.00  first book, 80¢ each additional book

Western States: CA-OR-WA-ID-NV-UT-WY-MT   $1.50 each additional book
  Their prices are not quite as low as years ago but still the best discounted prices I know of - maybe a couple of collectors could go together and split an order.  On expensive books  like Pam Curran's Shawnee Encyclopedia that adds up to a great savings - over the years I also picked up books such as Schroeder's Annual price guide, various  cookie jars books, all the Shawnee books, California Pottery, Kay Finch, Longaberger Baskets- so many of us have sideline collections as well and a good research library that helps us spot bargains along the Shawnee trail.
  We welcome any pictures you might have to share with others, you might recall  months ago someone had said there is a strawberry decal, not hand painted but a  decal on a Smiley - I had requested a picture but never received one so whether  the jar exists or not, it is still speculation...........  We would love to have pictures of any unusual pieces, variance in decoration or general pictures of how you display your pieces and/or collection.
Until next month,

Happy collecting,

Lin                                  linromb@aol.com
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Doug's Corner
  Last month I received a note from a nice lady wondering about her inherited Winnie bank head cookie jar. When I saw the pictures I understood why she was asking. Lin and I talked this one over, must have been new decorator or just a "bad hair day" in Zanesville that morning. It has the number 26 in gold on the bottom, I not really sure what that means, maybe the decorator's number?  At first I thought it might be Larry testing me, but I was pretty sure Larry doesn't have an Aunt Ona.
  Another handed down piece of interest - a GT Shamrock Smiley with a blue scarf. Nice jar, although as I recall the last one on ebay didn't bring as much as I thought it should. Maybe people thought it wasn't authentic, who knows --------
  I also had a note about this junk on ebay, seller - heartland-collectibles, a spice set and pie vent.
Open 24 - 7,  Doug