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by  Linda Romberg
July  2007
  This has been a month of corn finds!!!!   Last month we mentioned the elusive
Corn King large casserole with the kernels on the lids then lo and behold
collectors in Ohio came across one sitting in a shop priced at $60 AND THEY GOT
A DISCOUNT ON IT so got if for $45 - what an amazing find.  They were
generous in sharing a photo of it for display in the newsletter.  Amazing how with
some collectors you mentioned a rare piece and they turn it up - some people
have all the luck!!!!!
  Also found was an individual corn casserole with really white kernels. Has
anyone ever found a piece like this - I was not aware of the individual corn
casseroles coming in any but king and queen. Doug pointed out  that the white
corn is normally marked only U.S.A., never numbered but this one is bottom
marked 73 so possibly a test piece that was never added to regular production?     I only have the gold trim white corn in my personal collection so am unable to
compare it.   My understanding was white corn production was limited to the
teapot, sugar shaker, range and table salt  and peppers, tall milk pitcher,
creamer and sugar bowl/grease jar.  This goes to show that some pieces may
make into production but may not have been  added to the line.  My first thought
when told about the piece, I envisioned a blank casserole and didn't realize
he meant white corn with regular colored leaves and glaze!
Note from Doug - It's hard to say without having this piece in hand, but I'm leaning toward pre-production Corn Queen or an off day in the glaze department. Normally Corn Queen kernels have decided yellow tinge,these appear very white. The green is dark like Queen, keeping in mind that Queen was produced after King. Also I understand it is marked like King and Queen. Does anyone have any thoughts on this piece? Shoot Lin or I an email.
  I see very little corn items out here in Arizona - interestingly the best
pieces I ever saw were years ago when walking through one of the local antique
malls.  A dealer was setting out some corn bowls that  were literally LIKE NEW
- I commented on the condition of them and she proceeded to tell me how she
had bought the set in the original box and then showed me the can of Polly
Ann popcorn that came with it - get this - SHE TOSSED THE BOX and priced the
pieces individually - how heartbreaking as what a nice find complete in the
original packaging.  Believe me, I questioned her as to where the box was to see
if there was any chance she still had it.
  Another time at  a yard sale, I spotted another bowl from a popcorn set - the
resident who was  having the sale was eating her morning cereal out of the
bowl and was not  interested in selling it.

  Another collector in Texas wrote about a find of several corn pieces found
at a garage sale for five dollars - the tall milk pitcher, salt and pepper
plus sugar bowl/grease jar - turns out the salt and  peppers and sugar bowl are
white corn while the tall pitcher appears to be King.
"HI Lin,I brought several pieces of corn at a garage sale CHEAP. I paid $5
for the four pieces and a Fenton Fairie light. My question is on a "sugar"
bowl. The sugar bowl's lid has a brown tip. I haven't been able to find one on
the Internet with one like it. I'm not concerned about the worth. My husband
just decided to collect corn and not sell. He also questions the color of the
leaves. Of the four pieces two are salt and pepper shaker with the exact same
color of leaves. The pitcher is an 8' with Shawnee 71 on the bottom it was a
no brainer. I have attached two photos. One is of the bottom."
  Pickings here in Arizona are really slim - Ron Brown and I are heading to a
couple of small  mountain towns this Saturday to check out some of the shops -
will report next  month if we find any good pieces! 

  Hope any of you who attend  Pottery Festival in Ohio will send a report of
the event for next month's issue.        http://www.potterylovers.org/

Happy collecting,

Lin                                       linromb@aol.com
Doug's Corner
  Until last week I didn't have a problem identifying Covered Wagon planters. Now I do. The following pictures were sent to me by a gentleman named Jake.
  The Shawnee wagons are marked U.S.A. 514.  The two on the bottom row are marked U.S.A.  If you are still paying attention you see the bottoms are different. I found a white wagon on page 136 of my Huxford  "Brush-McCoy" book. The picture is small and doesn't show the bottom. If you are famliar with the McCoy wagon, let us know if this is it.                                           shawneeone@comcast.net
Happy Hunting, Doug
June 07