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by  Linda Romberg
May  2007
Apr 07
  Another month has flown by - all the big antique markets and shows will be
coming up across the country.  Ebay has had some great pieces on this past
month - two Smileys with hair and the gold clover bud range Smiley and Winnie
shakers, Potters Wheel bookend - has  been a while since we saw such a variety
of high end pieces listed.  Also some great chanticleers, Granny Ann's and Bo
Peeps that went for pretty reasonable prices.
A collector sent pictures of the small Smiley red cold paint bib shakers with open eyes

"thought maybe you would enjoy seeing a  few more things we've found. These
Smiley shakers with their eyes open are  really cute. I don't know when they
were painted but they do have  personality"
  Also a delightful Smiley yellow bib jar and shakers with hair

"Purchased these from a dealer around here who has been collecting Shawnee
for a long time (got the cookie jar rom them, too, but at a different time)."
  Also a picture of puppy figurines but made as shakers - have any of our
readers found any of the figurines done as shakers?  Years ago in southern California in a turn style display of salt and peppers I found two Pekingese BUT they were the actual figurines not shakers - the dealer may not have even noticed and probably bought them as a pair.

  Another collector sent in pictures of two light blue bib Smiley gold range
shakers with very rare and very stunning decal combinations
  We had an inquiry about the USA  markings on Shawnee - an Ebay seller had a
buyer who doubted the authenticity of some pieces they bought because the USA
markings did not have the periods between the letters -  this sent several of
scurrying around checking marks - Doug has a few examples - it does seem
that the U.S.A. marks is the most common but we did find assorted jars to
planters without USA - a couple of Smiley bank jars, an older yellow gold bib
Smiley cookie jar that I have.  To be honest, I had never studied the markings
other than being aware of the one that Brush uses where the S drops below the
"invisible" line and is lower than the U and the A - as an early collector it
was difficult to know on many planters as other companies produced similar
ones.  There are some pieces where the S is slightly tilted but on the same
level in embossing - general consensus is this may have been a time period
marking or just a variance in molds - does anyone have any ideas on this???????
Until next month, 

Happy  collecting

Lin                                  Linromb@aol.com