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MAR  2007
by  Linda Romberg
Jan 07
Feb 07
  I have had several emails the past couple of months with people telling me
how much this miss the newsletter - many thought we had ceased posting it. 
What happened is using our current servers, sending bulk email constitutes spam. Last time I sent out the notification, AOL closed out my account and I had a terrible time getting back on. Our only other option to notify people would be to pay for a server to launch the newsletter. Since the newsletter and web site are free, that is  not an option. Hoping all of you will let friends and other  collectors know we are   still posting the newsletter and Doug keeps updating the  web site regularly.
  As mentioned last month, we will post an assortment of Smiley range shakers
with some less common decals.  I had an email from a collector inquiring
about the decals and application - she included a picture of one where the decal
was obviously applied upside down, different from the way others of the same
design were applied.  Many of these decals were actually trimmed from large
stencils hence there will be some variations - an example is the pink poppy -
often there is a large stem with an additional leaf on it - sometimes the rose
Smiley decal also varies somewhat making it appear to be a totally different
jar.  It is amazing how consistent so many of the decorations actually are
when you stop to consider the amount of pottery being produced over the years.
  For me getting the large peach rose spray on all the bib  colors was probably
the hardest decal to complete.
  Most of my red lacquer  bib shaker sets have non matching decals but
obviously were sold as sets.  Likely the reason for the red lacquer - to match them up as pairs.
  Odd light blue bib decals  and double decaled pieces:
  A single very unusual blue bib - wonder where these decals come from???????
And the ones that didn't fit above -
  One thing to really be aware of if you collect the decaled pieces is the vintage decals found in this era - the latest fake/copycat chanticleer online looks pretty good compared to most of the fakes - years ago.  We had a couple of sellers (crooks) tampering with Shawnee decoration, usually it was the  decals that were a dead giveaway - Pam Curran's book has the most inclusive display of decals used and Doug has a lot of collectors pieces displayed on the web site to help assist you.  I, for one, would rather overpay for authentic vintage decorated Shawnee that be scammed by the doctored pieces that  have filtered in to collections around the country - always crooks involved when  a profit can be turned.  Any questions regarding pieces, feel free to  contact Doug or me and we will try to help you identify authenticity.   Would love to have any and all pictures of unusual decals on Granny Ann's, Bo  Peeps, shakers, teapots, etc - will help everyone to see a wide assortment - we  can always use reader participation - HINT HINT.
Until next  month.........

Lin                                  linromb@aol.com
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