by  Linda Romberg
Sept 2006
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  If you have been watching Ebay, you have probably noticed the prices are all
over the place - some items are slipping through at very cheap prices and
others are bringing big prices!  It is hard to resist bidding on some items
when the prices  are so much less than they have been in recent years. I think
many of us have collected for such a long time that when an item we "need" in
our collection comes along, we are ready to pay almost anything. 

  Many of you are collecting the miniatures and there has been a wonderful
selection of mini's listed.  For those of you with space constraints, the mini's
really are the answer.  I have never had a lot of success finding them in my
local  area hence really never collected them, years back I had two friends I
would occasionally find them for.
  Ed, of, sent me an email regarding a couple of miniature finds -
  Just about everyone is familiar with the Spiral  Pitcher listed on page 90 of
Curran. I have been lucky enough to have found two of them in the last few

  This is a side and front view of a typical Shawnee pottery mini-pitcher in green glaze.
  This  is a second side view of a matt white pitcher (they are barely 3.5
inches to the  tallest point).

  I was always curious  about these little guys and wondered just what they
were. I supposed they were  just a "mini cream pitcher" and left it at that. Well
guess what? I think that  was right because I have now found:
  The sugar mate to it!!!!   In typical Shawnee burgundy glaze and just 3.25 inches tall!

  That was a nice find!!!
  I wonder if there are additional pieces?

  Do any of you  have similar pieces??????

Visit Ed's web site at :

  Melvin and Jean Gibson called the other night. They attended July's Pottery
Festival in Zanesville and thought the turn out was pretty good. Nice 
selection of pottery to choose from but being long time collectors, they didn't 
find much to add to their collection. They did find a lobster bean pot cookie 
jar with the brown base, 

  As in all areas several of the long time shops have closed.  Auntie Q's no
longer has a shop of her own but is in one or more of the local antique malls.
I had heard from other friends  that Alvin, owner of Clara Belle's is
closing down. 

  Remember to send in your ad for the classified section - many of you wanted
it, yet few are sending ads in so it can't survive unless you participate!
Until next  month,

Doug's Corner
This little pig is going to market. I haven't decided how just yet. Likely auction, either ebay or on this website. I'll announce it in the October newsletter. It will be your chance to own a very rare piece of Shawnee Pottery !
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