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Shawnee Classifieds
by  Linda Romberg
July 2006
June 2006
  Summer seems to have slowed the listings considerably on Ebay -  hopefully
many of you are having luck finding Shawnee at the flea markets and antique
markets in your area.  Please let us know what you are finding on  the trail.

The latest scam on Ebay is quite an appealing one - definitely  more sneaky
that most because it is a "second chance offer" on an item you have  bid on.
Obviously an item we were interested in so we don't always stop to think  it
might not be legitimate. Bidders who had bid on the butterfly Smiley listed 
earlier this month all apparently received back offers - including the winner of 
the auction who had not yet even been contacted by the seller and could
possibly have sent payment to this fake email address.  What alarmed me most on
this scam is with the supposed new security measures Ebay has taken where only
the  SELLER HAS ACCESS TO BIDDER EMAIL ADDRESSES - these crooks have somehow managed  to obtain the bidders email addresses to send the offer. I will insert
the correspondence from Ebay about the report but BEWARE as the urge might
be to jump in and purchase the item you are contacted about - to my understanding some  sellers are able to offer like items which adds to the confusion.  I guess  as long as Ebay gets a commission, they don't value security as much as the rest  of us do. 

  If any of you know of others being scammed this way please let us know so we
can post the information.

  For any of you who missed the auction - a picture of the butterfly jar is shown later in the  newsletter.  A real beauty - from the collection of Ruth and Claude  Reed.

Ebay's  response:
Thank you for taking the time to forward the email to us.

At this time, I have forwarded your email to our Investigative
department for further investigation.

I can tell you that it appears that the eBay member of  'seller2good4u'
whom you received the fraudulent email from, recently had  their account
taken over by an unauthorized third party. This definitely had something
to do with the emails being sent out to the bidders of this auction.

We have opened an investigation into the matter and will be working with
our site team to look into the matter further.

Again,  thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Juniper on behalf of Bill  Cobb

eBay Customer  Support

Original  Message Follows:

Juniper,  this is a copy of the email I received - the high bidder also received one 
and almost paid this person instead - his came from a yahoo email address. 

Message from eBay Member seller2good4u

You expressed interest  in an item titled:Butterfly Shawnee Gold Trim
Shamrock Smiley Cookie  Jar  #6287142537  by bidding, however the  
auction has ended with another member as the high bidder.
In  compliance with eBay policy,the seller of that item is making this
Offer to you at your last  bid price(US $689.89)
The seller has  issued this Offer because either the  winning bidder was
unable to  complete the transaction.If you accept this offer, you will be
able to exchange Feedback with the seller and will be eligible for  eBay
services associated with a transaction, such as fraud  protection. To
purchase this item,reply to this mail.


This   request is related to item # 6287142537.


Marketplace   Safety Tips

Never respond to an unsolicited email that includes  incentives to buy or
sell an item off the eBay Marketplace. If you get  such an  email, please
report it to eBay at

Never  pay for your eBay item through instant cash transfer services
such as Western  Union or MoneyGram  - such services offer Internet
shoppers no protection against  fraud.


Note:   Immediately contact Rules & Safety if one of eBay's rules were 
violated,  such as:

- Your contact information was used for  purposes unrelated to  eBay
published online or offline,  or was used for the purposes of 

- You received  contact information that you believe to be  erroneous.

Thank you for  using eBay!_ (

Dear  -------

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email. This is Juniper
here again.

I do apologize that  I did not answer your question in the previous
email. I understand that  every bidder  was contacted with a fraudulent
second chance offer in regards  to your  auction.

I've actually forwarded this information to our site  team  for further
investigation and we will be looking into the matter  further.

In order to assist with our investigation, I kindly ask that  you email
back a copy of the original email headers of the fake second  chance 
offer, which is a string of characters that will helps us  identify the 
sender of the email and the email's path.

Here's  an example of a header:

Received: from  ( []) 
by  (8.8.7-s-4/8.8.7/(NETCOM v1.01)) with  ESMTP id;
For ; Mon, 22 Mar 2006  06:34:48 -0800 (PST)
Received: from  ( 
[]) By mail- (8.8.8/8.7.1) with SMTP  id GAA15251; Mon, 22 Mar 2006 
06:34:28 -
0800 (PST) 
Message-ID: <> 
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2006  06:34:32 +0100
X-Mailer: Mozilla  3.03-PBI-N303  (Macintosh; I; 68K)
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: <RECIPIENTS'  address  email
Content-Type: text/plain;   charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

You can find  the  headers by using the "properties" or "options"
function of your email program. If that doesn't work, I'll also give you a link
for assistance in  finding your email headers.

For more information, go  to:

Once  we have received the additional information, we will be able to
look  into the matter further and answer your question in a timely 

I do appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.


eBay Customer Support


Original   Message Follows:

Did you miss the part  about  every bidder on the auction was contacted -

how is the person getting our email addresses as THEY CERTAINLY ARE NOT

Dear --------

Thank you for taking the time to write to Bill Cobb in regards to the
recent email you received. My name is Juniper and Bill has asked me to
respond to your email on his behalf. I sincerely apologize for  the delay in  responding to your concerns. We have been experiencing a larger than 
normal level of emails and are working diligently to address all of our 
members concerns as soon as possible. I will certainly do my best  to assist
you  further.

At this time, I can confirm that the email you received was indeed a
fraudulent "spoof" email and I have now forwarded the email to the
proper authorities for further investigation.

I  would like to assure you that eBay is equally concerned about the abuse
of our policies as well as the safety of our members. We do work
actively with several law enforcement  agencies to investigate these 
fraudulent entities.  Unfortunately, we cannot control the actions of 
people intent on committing  fraud.

Now I understand that you would like to know how these fraudulent 
entities could have gained  access to your email address. To answer your
question, it's most likely  that your  email address has been collected 
by a fraudulent source.  As a result, you may continue to receive these 
fraudulent emails  for some time as these groups tend to move around to
different  websites.  For this reasons, we do encourage that you report 
any  spoof emails  that you receive to so that we can take 
appropriate action on the fraudulent site and help stop the flow of  
spoof  emails.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Please do  not  hesitate
to contact us if you require further assistance.


eBay  Customer  Support

  Jerry  also contacted us regarding another seller who is listing merchandise
as Shawnee  that is obviously not so - even the majority of his black memorabilia
is fake - we need to actively report these viololatorseven if it does seem  futile.  Ironically the seller 1glass_man has a feedback rating of ONE  HUNDRED PERCENT POSITIVE and he doesn't list his locale - most auctions are PRIVATE but not all.

Listing Violations > Fraudulent listings  (illegal seller demands, you didn't
receive item, etc) > You suspect that a listing is fraudulent you didn't bid
Item number(s):   seller    1glass_man


Message: This seller is fraudulently selling FAKES and calling them Vintage
by using  original maker's Brand Names. His auctions are 100% reproductions. I
can  guarantee the 3 Shawnee items mentioned above are fakes. This seller is
ruining  the EBAY name. His auctions should all be pulled. 80+ accts of  FRAUD...
(This can be a little hard to follow, remember the latest message is at the top.)
The butterfly Smiley that triggered the second chance  offers:
Two others with butterflies have been  pictured before but are posted
again for reference -
  A reminder  for those of you planning to attend the Zanesville Pottery Festival
to check  last month's newsletter for information on the Shawnee get together
hosted by  Lora and Larry Short.

  For all of you who wanted newsletter ads - we need ads for this feature to
continue - even wanted or trade ads would be  terrific. We hear how much you
all enjoy the newsletter but it is difficult to assemble without contributions. 
It can't be just about Doug  and me, we scramble each month to come up with
information - we KNOW lots of you have a wealth of information to  share!!!!!!!!
C' mom -  SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next  month,

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(Note: The source of some of above mentioned  junk - Click Here  )
Due to the "bulk emailing" necessary to send out the notice that the Newsletter is ready, Lin had her AOL account abruptly shut down. SO, mark your calendar on the 1st to check for the Newsletter every month.
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