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SHAWNEE TALES  by  Linda Romberg
  We've had a great response from everyone wanting the newsletter to continue - I appreciate all the positive emails and support.

  It really does pay to network like we did in the pre Ebay days as other collectors have such insight to different pieces of pottery.  A long time friend Betty emailed me she was looking for a Daffodil wall pocket and in less than a week we secured three, all in different colors - lightening fast in both our opinions but often times another collector can turn up a piece we have searched for over many years.  If collectors are interested we can start a wanted list and post wants with collectors emails - so many of you are checking shops in your area and may see something not intended for your collection and be thrilled to find it for another collector. You may even have something in your collection that someone else wants more than you or you may have a duplicate version of the piece.   Betty now has the rose and yellow daffodil wall pockets plus the ivory if I recall - any chance anyone knows of a blue one????
September  2004
  I built my collection networking with a wonderful group of collector friends  - many a cookie jar collector found me wonderful pieces for my collection and I found jars for them - many times, those I found jars for weren't the ones that found pieces for me but often I could put them in touch with someone who could help. It truly does come back to us tenfold.  I have friends in Ohio who are like family to me and we met on the phone about fifteen years ago when I called about a Winnie bank cookie jar they had advertised in the Antique Trader - the jar was sold but Betsy and I chatted for nearly an hour and that next summer when I went to the first Pottery Festival we met in person and have been close friends ever since!!!  Bridges to friendships are one of the many perks of collecting this wonderful pottery. 

  Another time I get a call from a collector friend in PA - she told me she saw a wonderful gold and decaled Chanticleer in a shop but someone else had it on hold - she hung around to make certain the person was taking it - I appreciated her effort and thought it wasn't meant to be and then a week later received the pitcher in the mail - another friend was the buyer for ME!  Now what are the odds that two collectors more than 3,000 miles away would think of Linda in Arizona and know she wanted that piece.  Memories like this are such a treasure!

  There was a terrific rare piece that sold this past month on Ebay - quite a bargain in my opinion - I don't have the piece in my collection and know of only a couple of these Smiley pitchers - completely platinum glazed water pitcher - a bargain at only $500.

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