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by  Linda Romberg
Feb 2006
Jan 2006
  Sorry for the delay in the newsletter, I have been having computer problems and finally had to reinstall the entire operating system of Windows XP - I had been blaming AOL for all the problems I was having and turns out it was a fragmenting software  issue.

  Unfortunately I lost all my stored photos as was only able to save  a very select few files.  Relieved to have AOL storing my address book or  would have been scrambling to contact any of you.
  Luckily Brenda emailed me yesterday with some pictures of recent finds which I will share with all of  you.  Thank you so much for sharing........
"Hello!   I  know you're probably always looking for something interesting to add to the  newsletter and I have a few pics that might or might not be worthwhile-

  Attached are pictures of some pieces I found  recently here in MN.  The two perfume bottles I found at the same shop on  the same day (today actually)!  They both have the same paper label on the  back.  If you look at the label it is the same exact picture as the  spinning wheel scene embossed on some miniatures.  Neither had the stopper-  though the green one does have some
cotton/label around the top.  I tried  to find some info on the perfume company with this logo to no avail.  Not  sure if this label is found commonly or if the connection between it and the  embossed miniatures has been made.  Makes me think that the embossed  spinning wheel miniature bottles were commissioned with that 'logo'.

The other picture is of a oei Valencia vase.  I  haven't seen this color of Valencia vase pictured.  The word "Valencia" is  embossed faintly on the bottom- couldn't get it to come out in pictures, but it  is there.

  Keep up the good work on the newsletter!  Its great  that there is someplace for us collectors to share info.  I've been collecting for a long time now and seeing pictures of the unique and super-rare on your site keeps me searching!"
Another variation in color of the Valencia.
  It would  be interesting to see what is out there in console sets - could you send me  pictures of some in your collections?  I only have one but it is one of my  favorites pieces as has the decals commonly found on the Smiley cookies jars -  note each candle holder has only one decal decorating it but the bowl has the  entire group one at a time around the outside edge and the tulip in the center  with a floral spray decorating the entire interior of the  bowl.
  Many of you newer collectors or even some of you who have collected for many years but weren't involved in Pam  Curran's newsletter circle may not have seen these bull dog figurines - first -  THEY ARE NOT SHAWNEE, so don't be confused - they were produced by Adrian  Pottery around fifteen years ago for collectors who always wondered if in fact  the bull dog figurine ever existed since there is a tumbling bear bank and  figurine.
  Randy and Stephanie made these and a lot of us through the newsletter jumped at the chance to have  them - beautiful pieces and look so authentic in coloring. Cute story to add to  this is years ago collectors visiting Fargo, ND came by Ron Brown's to see his collection - they were thrilled to see such an extensive collection.  Ron wasn't home at the time of the visit - well, knowing how collectors get to  talking non stop about piece after piece and jumping from one piece to another, as they were leaving the ONE piece they asked to purchase was the bull dog  figurine - Connie replied "oh, no, that was a gift from Linda Romberg, we'd  never sell it" The couple left and it wasn't until later it dawned on Connie that she hadn't told them it WASN'T SHAWNEE and they left thinking there IS a bull dog figurine by Shawnee!  We laughed about that and often  wondered if these collectors have searched endlessly for such a rare piece. I can't even remember if Adrian's advertised them or if it was just word of mouth  on the network as I just spoke to Ron and he reminded me HE THOUGHT IT WAS  AUTHENTIC too when he opened the package until his son pointed out the bottom has sharp edges unlike the softer edge of Shawnee.  Even at a young age his son knew what to look for after traipsing through the flea markets and antique stores with Dad. These are the ties that bind us as collectors, being able to reminisce about the memories of days gone by - Ron and I used to talk hours on end about Shawnee.
  I'd love to have some of you share stories about  finds or memories you have of sharing your hobby with family and  friends.
  One additional note - there has been a listing of a gold Smiley clover bud water pitcher on Ebay due to close today Sunday Feb 5 - the general  consensus is this is NOT authentic vintage gold decoration - am watching it to  see how high it goes.  Several collectors emailed the seller re additional  information and while not confirming or denying the seller wasn't willing to  change the description  or pull the listing - hope whoever buys it isn't  expecting authentic gold from the era - way too many red flags on this  one.

Selling price was $112.49
Until next month,  happy collecting,

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