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Archives -  Spring 2004
by  Linda Romberg
  Jan 2006
Dec 2005
Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     2006
  Hard to believe another year has come and gone!  Doug  and I commented the
other day how quickly the end of the month rolls around with a newsletter
deadline!  Hopefully this year we will be able to  look back and find we have
accomplished some positive improvements with Ebay regarding all the reproduction
listings!  We get so many emails each month  from collectors being scammed
BEFORE they discover the website. The clown repros seems to be catching more
people unaware than the Smileys and Puss n Boots these days.  Some of you
have probably noticed several auction listings specifically designed to inform
buyers of the fake problems instead of  being actual items for sale - Doug had
one running and Ebay ended up pulling it but several continue to run and have
stirred a lot of interest as well as  directed a lot of new people to Doug's
website where they find a lot of helpful  information on the problem.  The
more awareness, the  better!
  One of the questions about authenticity we get  asked is about the duck and
pig feeding dish - one is currently listed on  Ebay. It has never been authenticated by any catalogs or documentation but  they are pieces that are hard to deny when you have them in hand.  I have  had them in my collection for years now and even if they aren't Shawnee, I love  go-with pieces that are vintage with decals from the same era as Shawnee.   Each dish is marked USA and to date we haven't been able to link them to any  other pottery company other than Shawnee. They certainly have the color and feel of Shawnee.

  Years ago for one of the other newsletters, I also provided  pictures of two figurines I have, an elephant and a floppy eared dog - not necessarily
Shawnee but with the decals typically found on the yellow and blue bib Smiley cookie jars.  A friend in Pennsylvania found them and sent them  to me, I doubt she had any idea how much I would treasure these pieces.  I have only seen one
other elephant like it while shopping for antiques in Calif  years ago - he was so badly crazed that it supported my instincts that while  cute pieces,
probably not Shawnee as I've rarely seen any piece of Shawnee susceptible to that extensive amount of crazing. These have the gold Shafer  palette marking on the bases as well as the  U.S.A.
  Many collectors have  felt these items could be the product of Chic Pottery
but I know very little  about the company other than it seems to show up in the
East and be mainly small  figurines from the 30's and 40's.  Would appreciate
any information any of  you have about it.  For those of you also interested
in collecting pieces  with decals of the same era, Abingdon has assorted small
to mid sized vases with  decals we find on the gold Bo Peeps and Granny
Ann's.  The Abingdon vase is on the far right - while not decals found on Shawnee
the two unmarked pieces on  the left are - one may be Abingdon or both could
be products of Chic  pottery.
  Interestingly, the snail flower  frog is a piece that is featured in Pam
Curran's book, chapter 34 on page 239 that is remarkably similar to some of these
piece that is sometimes found with gold and decals. Considering this, it is
very likely that some of the other pieces above COULD actually be Shawnee. 
As years go buy, it becomes harder to actually authenticate some of these
pieces as documentation is lost and former employees are no longer around to
confirm pieces anymore.   Regardless, the enjoyment of collecting is to buy what
you LOVE and enjoy your collection!!!!
  Until next month, hoping  this new year brings all of you happiness and great
new additions to your  collections.