Sept 2017
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  After seeing a great Smiley with hair strands sell on Ebay I had begun to start a newsletter on Hairys and requested some pictures from readers - only received one group and I am postponing the subject until next month as am recuperating from extensive surgery at Mayo Clinic and want to give enough attention to the jars and pictures.

  Doug may have some items to address here and last month he inadvertently omitted the teaser for this month - absolutely stunning find, I had never heard this piece even existed - do we believe where there is one, there could be another or is this a test piece?  What an amazing discovery.
  Years ago when I was in Zanesville at Pottery Festival I saw a fruit string holder in a residents home (no it was not for sale) - it was definitely Shawnee.  There is so much out there we have yet to discover.  I will attempt to get a picture of it for next month.

  Would love more pictures of your Smileys with hair for next month - contributions are what make the newsletter so informative.
Until next month

Doug's Corner
  Last month's mini vase search produced two contacts. Everybody lived happily ever after.
  I received pictures of a vase and the question - is this Shawnee and what did know about it? In the back of my mind I was thinking I did seen something like this before, except for the marking.
  Well, not in Pam's book. So I contacted Pam. She pretty much assured not Shawnee, likely ceramics class material. Sounds reasonable.  "Doris 1968" Then the flash - 1968, Shawnee closed it's doors in 1961. I'm a little slow sometimes. Did anyone pick up on it that at first look?
Another ID question, per emailed question. Who made this bank? Not likely Shawnee, so who done it? Chic Pottery, Amerisan Bisque?  Tell us what you think.
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