Aug 2017
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Summer seems to be breaking weather records everywhere.

  Have not received any reports from collectors who attended Pottery Festival this month.  I received auction notices from several of the local auctioneers but no Shawnee was listed in any of them.

  One of our readers sent in a picture of an oriental lamp with very unusual coloring - has anyone else seen a similar one.  So much out there that we have yet to discover in variations. Wish more of you would share your pieces - all of us are so curious as to what is out there to be discovered.
  I bought a Granny Ann - unusual that it is not gold yet has a decal on it - I would have thought maybe after market but another long time collector has one with identical decal and also not a gold piece.  As most of you know I like any of the decaled pieces so was thrilled to get it.  Definitely a buyers market.

  Over thirty plus years ago in my early days of collecting a friend shared with me some information on the Pennsylvania Dutch line.  There was an old copy of a diagramed sheet listing the pieces in the line and it showed a batter pitcher!!  Mind you back them no one had ever found one so it was just a rumor at that point with many of us keeping an eye for the elusive, maybe non existent pitcher.  Well, over the years several have turned up proving it did exist - to my knowledge they have all turned up in the Northeast area of the states and I know of two collectors who have been blessed to find TWO of them while the rest of us can only dream.  I have the complete set MINUS the batter pitcher!!!!  Pam Curran has catalog sheets in her book showing the series on Page 136-138.  A wealth of information she obtained while researching the book and acquiring a lot of documentation via catalog sheets and interviews with a few key former employees!!!

The three pages above were copied from Shawnee Pottery  THE FULL ENCYCOPEDIA  By Pamela Duvall Curran .
USA        34
  Over the years I have seen some of the Penn Dutch pieces trimmed in gold but they are not very common.
Until next month.

Doug's Corner
  First thing is - I've heard from a collector having difficulting finding miniature vases. If you have some you are ready to part with, I'll put you in touch with her.  Send your contact info to me at this link and I'll relay it to her.   Email me
  A Terrace Ceramic observation - the mug below has a mark I've never seen before. The rest of you my see it everyday, but new to me. So just humor me on my great discovery.
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