June 2017
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Quiet month, not a lot of news.  Dealing with some health issues so this will be a short newsletter this month.  Actually several collectors came through for me - thanks so much!!!

  Great story from a collector who missed a terrific Smiley yet then still ended up getting him!  Talk about determination!
  "I think I was real lucky finding him again. After I missed him on Craigslist for $12 I was hoping I find him in the flea market cheap which was only 10 miles away from where I picked him up today. I saw him on Ebay so I asked if he buy now then he asked how much? I hate to price and buy jars but I said $75. A few hours go bye someone bid I then get the email back saying he can not sell now because of bid. Jar was listed at $36 it went up to $46 I got it for $48. He tells me he wish he answered faster! He is going to look great near my Bee jar."
Long time collectors shared this story - we know some pieces are so rare we are likely never to find them then hear about this!!!

"Hello Lin,
It's been a while since we submitted any photos and stories to you for the newsletter, but we felt compelled to send you a photo of a remarkable "stroke of luck" we have experienced in our continuing lookout for great deals. 

About 2 years ago, in searching the obscure area of eBay, we found with our search for "tulip pitcher" in all categories the RARE Shawnee tulip pitcher (page 263 in Pam's book), which we bought for $29.  Then recently we ran across another in a mom & pop antique shop for $20.  Both are in perfect condition, clean with no chips, cracks, hairlines, crazing or any other signs of wear.  They are almost "twins".  (See attachment)

We have been collecting Shawnee since 1973 and have a number of hard-to-find and uniquely decorated pieces, but never imagined finding 2 duplicate items listed in the Rare section of Pam Curran's book.

We continue to enjoy reading your newsletter and despite the ups and downs of the market we have yet to part with even one piece that we have collected over the last 44 years.  Keep up the good work as we know we are not the only Shawnee folks that still prize this wonderful pottery."

     A collector sent in a complete set picture of the squirrel ashtrays!

    Here are the squirrels ashtrays in every color Shawnee produced.

    From left to right - turquoise, powder blue, dusty rose, old English ivory, burgundy and flax blue.
Does anyone have a yellow, cobalt, or dark green one? Let us know. (Doug)
  Also a much coveted pair of gold Smiley and Winnie Clover Bud range shakers - I have had the Winnie but never have found the Smiley to pair her with!!!

Until next month.

Lin       Linromb@aol.com

  So appreciative of those who continue to share with all of us.
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