Feb 2017
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Hope everyone has had a good start on 2017. I think the weather all across the country has been pretty bad - Arizona has had the least sun the past five weeks that I have ever experienced.  I sympathize with those of you who deal with rain and cloud filled days so often.

  Friends were over from Calif last week - we did hit the Brass Armadillo but no finds.  They were here for an evaluation and consultation for a kidney transplant - we spend three days at the Mayo Clinic.  What an education it was - this is a reminder to everyone to please consider being an organ donor and be sure all the loved ones close to you are aware of your choice.  We are hoping to find a live donor match but that may not be an option so please share with friends that once we are gone we can change many lives by being an organ donor.
  Here are some pictures they shared of her latest additions.  Her collection began with her grandmother's jar.
"One on the left began the start of collecting. My grandmother's Smiley, purchased in the 1940's DJ Stuart's Rockford, Illinois."

  Nice to find the red head to go with the jar that started the collection.  Quite a difference in the bib color!
  Seems Ebay is still the best game in town other than networking amongst collectors!  Has been hard to find a new piece, I actually bought a jar that I was certain I had never seen the decals and then turned out I had one!  Just so antsy to buy something!!!!

  One of our readers sent in pictures of shakers he has added to his collection - he is finding out how addictive Shawnee can be as he is basically a cookie jar collector! Additionally a shot of just a dent in his Shawnee shakers - we all know this is an addictive obsession.

  We had a chat about how so many cookie jar collectors are buying the new jars and not picking up the vintage jars which of course hurts the market.  Wondering when the vintage pottery will come back in value, even in part. 
There are a lot of exceptional pieces listed on Ebay right now.  I know of several collectors paring down their collections for various reasons. Let me know if there are special interests you have and I may be able to help.

  Still looking for pictures to feature in upcoming newsletters!
Until next month.

Lin         Linromb@aol.com
Doug's Corner
  If the market isn't bad enough, now Repro corn teapots are selling for more than real ones.
This teapot is not vintage.
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