Jan 2017
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Happy New Year everyone!  I, for one, am so glad to see 2016 end. Too many losses and friends with serious health issues, hoping 2017 is a better year for all.

  Slim contributions this month - a collector added a nice Muggsy to his collection.  One of the harder to find decals.

  There were some nice listings on Ebay during December and items just are not selling, sad as some were hard to find pieces.  Let's hope the collectors realize some pieces are not easy to come by.  Some great bargains out there to be had.

  Has anyone heard of or seen an oriental couple wall lamp in the red and yellow?  I had hoped to get a picture of the one a collector saw in a shop but have not been able to - speculation is it might not be Shawnee but the guy who saw it really knows the pottery.  Always a chance to discover a new item we aren't aware of.
  The subject came up again about the bull dog figurine's existence - going back many years Adrian Pottery came out with the figurines fashioned after the bull dog bank.  I bought several of them and sent one to a friend in North Dakota - sometime later a couple of collectors viewed their collection  - shortly after the visitors called back and the piece they wanted to buy was the bulldog figurine!!!  Not even sure my friends wife explained it wasn't really Shawnee - just that it was a gift from a friend.  Cute pieces I have always enjoyed.

  FYI  Adrian Pottery produces a line of pie birds if anyone collects them. I don't collect pie birds but couldn't resist adding one to my assorted collections.  Trump/Pence memorabilia!
  This reminded me that Frankoma Pottery made Political mugs in the form of an elephant and a donkey from 1968 to 2005, maybe later.  Doug
Hoping Santa brought you a special piece of pottery!
Lin             Linromb@aol.com
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May you prosper in the New Year!

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