Oct 2016
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Fall is finally here - Arizona has not hit 100 degrees in over a week!  Wish we would get some of the rain the Midwest is getting - my hometown Cedar Rapids is dealing with major flooding issues right now.  I have shared this story before but a lot of new readers since.  My family jar is a Smiley pig with tulips - interesting story behind it - my Mom and Grandmother each won a cookie jar at Hawkeye Downs in the early fifties.  I have no idea if both were tulip Smileys or not but one broke the lid to theirs and the other the base - the jar I have is a marriage and just happens to be the red bib with the tulip base.  Now I can understand keeping the lid to a broken jar but the bottom????  Both Mom and Grandma went through the Depression so guess they both couldn't part with a good "part"  Little did they know I would cherish the family jar which when passed to me in 1979 began a lifelong collection and a lifetime of friends across the country.  Many of the collectors all began with a family piece!  Would love to have some of you share stories of what spurred you on to being a collector!
  A reader sent pictures of a wonderful garage sale find for $100 - this is what keeps us on the Shawnee trail.

  Another collector sent some pictures of his display - beautiful assortment.  Note the gold Winnie that has only partial paint on her hat - unusual decor and makes one wonder what the decorator was intending.  Funny that years after these pieces were decorated, crazy collectors like us would want as many variations as we can find.  A few months ago we featured several unusual Winnie's with unique hat decor.
  Interesting post on Facebook in the past couple of days about pricing.  Everyone agrees Pam Curran's Shawnee Encyclopedia is a wealth of information.  While the prices may not reflect the current market (none of the reference books do) it definitely gives an idea of the harder to find pieces which helps give the collector an idea of value.  I have always said a piece is worth whatever one of us is willing to pay - I have way over paid on some pieces and gotten absolute steals on others.  It just depends on how much we want a certain piece, some pieces only come around once and sometimes we have to pay what it takes to add it to our collection.  A collection is built a piece at a time!  So important to buy what we love and be surrounded by our collections with happy memories over the years.
  A new version of the red headed Smiley has surfaced - stunning jar -  thrilled to see a different version - normally found on the chrysanthemum base and other times the shamrock.  What a thrill.  Such a beauty.  Good karma!
Same jar, different light.
  This is a terrific close up of the red headed hair, really gives collectors something to identify one with - this is a great example of the detail of a genuine red head.

  A couple of years ago there was a FAKE BLUE BIB JAR OUT OF PENNSYLVANIA that was doctored with red hair.  Here are photos of that jar from my archives that long time collectors took the trouble to examine.  They actually drove to PA to look at the jar in person to determine it's authenticity. 

  Hoping all of you have some good finds this Fall, we never know what is around the corner!
Until next month.

Lin            Linromb@aol.com
Doug's Corner
  I received a note from a Shawnee collector that is down-sizing and prefers selling all to one buyer. It's located in Southern California. There are 60-70 pieces, nice way to start a new collection or add to a small one.                         
and I'll get you in touch with each other.
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