Aug 2016
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Well, the dog days of August are here in Arizona - hot and humid.  We have already had 25 plus days over 110 with this week expected to be consistently over 110.  Still early in the summer to have hit that record with a lot more to come.  I see the Midwest is dealing with record breaking heat and humidity as well.
  I had enquired with Pam a long time ago and was told I could use pictures from the book - had quite a few readers interested in what the Toastie Susan looks like so am including a picture of it.  I strongly recommend for those of you who do not have her book - Shawnee Pottery The Full Encyclopedia -  to acquire one as the research and photos provide a wealth of information.  I had to laugh as was trying to locate the Toastie Susan among several long time collectors (none had one by the way) and had mentioned in the newsletter the small picture on Currans 161 that it was upper left corner of the page and now when I took a picture see the full size picture on the lower right of page 161.  I have often said over the years I don't regret the purchases I make only the ones I passed up - this is true on the Toastie Susan as the only one I ever saw was my first trip to Pottery Festival in the early 1980's - little did I know I would never see another.

  I was sharing with a friend this past month about the networking it takes to locate some hard to find pieces.  Over the years I often found cookie jars for serious jar collectors and in turn they found me some wonderful Shawnee pieces.  Surprisingly many jar collectors having only a few Shawnee pieces, manage to have some of the best pieces.  Examples below and so appreciative of these friends being willing to let them go into a Shawnee collection. The spirit of collecting.

  I had a picture of the green gold Winnie bank on my refrigerator for probably fifteen or more years just as a reminder it would turn up someday - still one of my favorite pieces and the only bank jar in my collection.
  There is also a plain version of the green Winnie bank but the coloring is different - more of an olive color - possibly a test piece.

  Had a few reports about Pottery Festival - a lot of nice pottery but very little Shawnee.  Years ago they had several cookie jar auctions going on during Pottery Festival week and always a few nice pieces. 

  I think Ebay has changed the entire collecting market. I rarely buy duplicates but the prices on some of the gold Bo Peeps and Granny Ann's are so low......... years ago I remember talking to Mark Supnick when prices were so high - at the time I recall commenting it wasn't about the money and if the jars every dropped to $25 each I would be scooping them up right and left, well it never got that low but after all the high prices I have paid some of today's prices sure makes me hope the newer collectors are scooping up these pieces. 
Until next month, happy collecting.

Doug's Corner
  I noticed this teapot on Ebay a while back. Seems like it just won't go away. I still can't decide.
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