July 2016
Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Here in Arizona we are breaking records with heat - 120 last Sunday and most days now are 115 with increased humidity which really affects us.

  Thanks for the emails thinking of me with my health issues.  I really appreciate it, so many are dealing with challenges, helps to know others care.

  Had a nice response to the request for pictures of pieces in the original packaging.  I think I told the story of twenty years ago when I was walking through a local antique mall and saw a dealer setting out a popcorn set - I asked about the price and she said it was new in the box - when I asked about the box her comment was "Oh, I threw it away"  DUH - little did she realize she tossed the most valuable part of the set.

  Several readers sent in some pictures of pieces in original packaging - such wonderful finds.  One being the popcorn set including the Polly Ann popcorn can intact - I wonder if after all these years there is any chance the corn would pop???  :)   To think these items are at least 55 plus years old,  amazing that any are still in the original packaging.  Another is a corn snack set that I had not seen and the Saucy Susan. Love the cigarette set. And the coaster set really displays nicely. Interesting to see how the items were originally shipped.

  I have the black and white Saucy Susan set - it is such a great functioning piece for entertaining even today.  My first trip to Pottery Festival in Zanesville more than 25 years ago - I saw the first and only Toastie Susan set I have ever seen.  When I look back at all my trips to Pottery Festival, I don't recall ever seeing Shawnee or Kenwood in original boxes and in reflection that is surprising!

  We really appreciate all of you who share pictures and information with us - so many think they don't have anything to contribute but readers let me know all the time how much they enjoy seeing other collectors displays and use of our pottery!  So much is out there that many of us have NEVER seen in our travels.  I have collected for 37 years now and the nicest part of collecting are the friendships that have lasted throughout the years along with the sharing.
Until next month..

Lin                                Linromb@aol.com
Doug's Corner
  "We know Fruit shakers are odd as small and large have same amount of holes. I wonder about the Rabbits, Elephants and Birds. As you know I have been collecting the shakers for 10 years or so. I have never seen a two hole rabbit! I have never seen a one hole elephant. Pam's and other books claim these are paired as One & two hole, so does anyone have a set or seen a set?  Their books even show 2 two hole elephants and 2 one rabbits. The birds are same way I believe the birds were meant to be a head up and ahead down for a set. So I wonder also if a rabbit and elephant were meant to be a pair. Any thoughts?"
  I received this note from a collector that pays attention to Shawnee shaker sets. The "sold loose in bids" doesn't actually answer this question.
Ok shaker collectors, tell us what you know.
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