May 2016
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Interesting piece of information came up after last month's newsletter - I was not aware there are two different molds on the sailor cookie jar!
  Sometimes until we put them side by side the differences are not noticeable.  The lid is different and some other difference as well.
  Take note: The body is different too.  The black hair is about 1" taller and 1" wider.  The biggest difference side by side is the face. The black haired sailor looks directly forward while the gold/yellow hair looks to his right.  Also the hand in the front on the black haired sailor is painted a flesh tone color (like skin)  while every other gold hair I've ever seen is just plain.

  Some of you may remember a sailor jar I got a couple of years ago - gold lid with blank bottom, it appears to never have had the black feet or any cold paint.  Granted he isn't as pretty but my Dad is a WWII Navy vet and it was more of a sentimental purchase.  Dad was blonde when he enlisted and when he was discharged his hair was dark!

  We never know what transpired on the decorating of so many of these jars.  I also have a Smiley found with blue bib and gold shamrocks - what an odd combination!
  Interesting piece on ebay recently - a Smiley cookie jar - NOT a gold jar but the bottom had some decals commonly found on the Red Riding Hood jars, an interesting go with. I have several of the LRRH jars and other pieces that have decals from both lines of jars and will be doing a newsletter on shared decals and go withs.
  A reader sent in a picture of part of her collection after moving into a new home - what a stunning display!
  Please don't hesitate to share photos of your displays, I get so many emails from readers saying how much they enjoy seeing others pieces displayed.

  Remember to send in pictures of pieces with cross decals from other lines, we will see how many variations we can come up with.
Until next month.  Happy collecting!

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Here's a great jar a reader recently acquired - really loaded with a lot of extra flowers.  What a treasure.

  Do the heads interchange between jars?

  Definitely are NOT interchangeable,  the black haired one will interchange with the cold painted bottom but the blonde haired jars are a smaller mold and the head does not fit - wonder if any of you readers have any variations????