Apr 2016
by Lin Romberg
Shawnee Tales
  Hoping everyone is looking forward to Spring and Summer.  Arizona has been having a beautiful warmer than normal winter and just north of us Denver is having a blizzard keeping friends snowed in!
  Had some interesting contributions this month -  a friend found a gorgeous gold trim sailor boy cookie jar locally and was thrilled to get it for am embarrassingly low price, sometimes certain pieces just fall into our lap - just not often enough!!! 
  Also a wonderful find is a cabinet that is from the early 1900's marked Sears and Roebuck that with a little restoration became an ideal display for Smiley range shakers!!!  Love seeing unique pieces to display our collections -  it is almost like a secondary collection to showcase our treasures.
  Years ago when I was just beginning to collect and would walk through the local antique mall in hopes of finding a piece of Shawnee, I came across an oval sugar basket - mind you, the only Shawnee book I knew of at the time was the Supnick small guide and I had never seen this piece before.  I bought it because I loved the look and was hoping it might be Shawnee.
  Several years later I learned it definitely was Shawnee and began acquiring the buckets, oval and round sugar/grease jars, plain and decals.  Funny how we get obsessed with finding certain pieces - of course, for me the decals have always been desired pieces. I thought readers would enjoy seeing the displays of the baskets as range sets.

  Over the years it has been fun to find different ones. 
  I am still looking for a lid to one of the buckets - have never even seen one with the same decals but still hoping.......
  I may have to rearrange my pieces to match shakers and baskets - curious that there are not decals on these to match all the shaker decals - wonder why oddities such as this exist in the decoration of pieces.  Would love to see any variations readers might have that aren't shown.

  Hope to do a newsletter on tobacco memorabilia - if anyone has pictures to contribute, would love to share them.

  Until next month,

  Lin                  Linromb@aol.com
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