Shawnee  Tales
Jan 2016
by Lin Romberg
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got some special Shawnee pieces from their wish list! 

Great response from last month's newsletter.

> "Oh the newsletter is GREAT!!  So happy you had other contributions!  Seeing other triggered more that we have that I had forgotten were actual wall pockets!  HA!!  The orange Scotty dog is amazing!!  WOW!!  Fun to see!" 

> "Just a thought --- you mentioned that during the house fire crisis, you were only concerned about your dogs, rightfully so.  I suspect many collectors have a fondness for their pets.  What would you think about having readers send pictures of their favorite Shawnee dogs... could be figurines, Muggsy jars or shakers, puppy lamps, wall pockets...  many Shawnee pieces are dogs...  Just a thought!  You may be surprised what readers may submit!"

> "Great job!" 

  So, readers how about we see how many variety of pictures of Shawnee dogs we can gather for the next newsletter - might even include some photos of your cherished real dogs with the collections!  Will make a special Valentine edition!

Some squirrel ashtrays featured - collector is looking for a yellow one if someone has one for sale.
  Shawnee made some great ash trays - smoking was so popular back then in early production days.  My personal favorite is the black panther ash tray.
These fish ash trays have become hard to find too.
  Remember to send in pictures of your favorite Shawnee dog pieces for next month!

Happy New Year.

Doug's Corner
  The Setter Bookends in the header are Shawnee, not the often seen Made in Japan copies.  This is just a reminder to send in your well exposed and sharp Shawnee dog pictures soon for the next Newletter.
  Up next is an interesting Jo Jo cookie jar. The owner and I have had a numerous email exchange about this guy. We all know a piece of pottery in hand is the most accurate gauge of authenticity, so I worried the owner to near death about the details. He didn't have another Jo Jo for comparison but does have a Drummer Boy. Weight and color are very similar which was a help for our conversation. To me the jar seems authentic to this point.  A problem develops when we turn it over. As you can see it is dry foot, the right color, but lacking a maker mark. Also the bottom lacks the typical notches in the foot. Another typical Shawnee characteristic is the grind/sanding marks on foot for leveling which are there, hard to tell in he photo.
  I'm not a big fan of conjecture, but at this point that is what's left unless we have a reader that has researched Shawnee Pottery closely. Maybe one of the Shawnee collector books authors would like to weigh in on this. For the time being you're stuck with my opinion. My thought is this is test piece or maybe used as salesman sample piece. If it ever had a sticker indicating such it is gone. If it is a color or kiln test piece i would think they would use a standard production mold.    I'm open to opinions
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